Tabbedout releases SDK to give restaurant apps payment powers

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One of the most broken experiences at a restaurant is paying for the check. After flagging down a waiter, I have to wait until they can bring me the bill. Then it’s another wait to give them my credit card and then one more interaction to sign the bill before I can leave.

That’s why I’ve been excited about Tabbedout, an Austin, Texas startup that has been trying to speed up the process of paying at a restaurant or bar using a smartphone. The company has been signing up restaurants that use its mobile app to help customers open up a tab on their phone and then check out with a stored credit card. Now, it’s letting restaurants that have their own mobile app easily embed the Tabbedout experience with a mobile SDK for iOS (s aapl) and Android (s goog). This way customers aren’t forced to use Tabbedout’s app.

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Author:Steve Atkins

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