Mobile security expert, certgate, joins Natural Security Alliance with eye on mobile payment security

Mobile security technology company certgate, has joined the Natural Security Alliance, an industry consortium dedicated to delivering a strong but convenient authentication standard for transactions across the globe, to develop ...


FIME now offers complete testing for NFC device functionality

Advanced testing provider, FIME, has taken steps to streamline near field communication (NFC) enabled device testing with the addition of new test libraries to its Global TEE test tool. The ...


EDITORIAL: Contactless comes of age on the Tube

Contactless Intelligence Weekly News Review Editorial – Week 39 2014: As expected, the market ripples associated with Apple Pay have yet to die down. With the shipping of the new ...

Video Spotlight - Transport for London


Londoners on the move with contactless

Traveling around London with contactless is quick, easy and secure. You don’t ...

Contactless payment has expanded for Londoners

Your contactless payment card will now get you around London on the ...

Contactless comes to the Underground: Harry

Contactless payments are now available on London Underground, tram, DLR, London Overground, ...

Contactless comes to the Underground: Laura

Contactless payments are now available on London Underground, tram, DLR, London Overground, ...

Contactless comes to the Underground: Will

Contactless payments are now available on London Underground, tram, DLR, London Overground, ...

Contactless comes to the Underground: Kanji

Contactless payments are now available on London Underground, tram, DLR, London Overground, ...

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apple Pay NFC POS

GURU POST: iPhone, NFC & Apple Pay: How Should Banks React?

By Martin Cox, Global Head of Sales at Bell ID. After years of speculation, Apple has finally revealed its mobile payments strategy: Apple Pay. This is good news for (U.S.) iPhone users who want to ‘tap to pay’, but what about the majority of smartphone users who are using an Android device? What about those […]

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China Mobile and Gemalto deploy NFC transport in Beijing

Gemalto say that it has been selected by China Mobile to offer its UpTeq NFC Multi-tenant SIMs to protect consumer credentials used for mobile contactless applications, starting with mass transit services in Beijing. China Mobile is the largest operator in the world with a total subscriber base of close to 800 million. Gemalto pre-loads the […]

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Barclaycard keeps its eye on the ball for bPay band applications

Wearable technology could be incorporated into the sphere of ticketing, as well as payment, if Barclaycard and Southampton Football club have their way. Barclaycard and Southampton Football Club have signed an agreement to distribute Barclaycard’s bPay bands to fans and expand the band’s functionality beyond contactless payments. Following successful summer trials of the bPay band […]

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Alipay looks to Nok Nok for payment authentication

It feels like everyone is playing ‘catch-up’ all of a sudden ever since the Apple Pay announcement. Case in point is the announcement from Nok Nok Labs (working in the field of authentication and a founding member of the FIDO Alliance) that Alipay will use the company’s NNLTM S3 Authentication Suite to enable secure online […]

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GlobalPlatform confirms integrity of communication channel between wallet and secure element

GlobalPlatform, has expanded its support for the mobile services community with the advancement of its device compliance program. The latest updates will allow mobile handset manufacturers to confirm that products align with SIMalliance’s Open Mobile API (OMAPI) Specification and the GlobalPlatform Secure Element (SE) Access Control (AC) Specification, contributing to seamless NFC deployments for application […]

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washing machines

USA Technologies, Softcard enter laundry market with NFC and SmartTap mobile payments

USA Technologies, Inc. a company working in the wireless, cashless payment and M2M telemetry solutions for small-ticket, self-serve retailing industries, have announced a mobile payments, offers and loyalty program with Softcard™ designed for the multi-billion dollar US commercial laundry market. Under the program, consumers using Setomatic Systems’ (Setomatic) new SpyderWash® Elite laundry machines enabled with […]

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TSM: Friend or Foe to the NFC Marketplace?

FIME, a trusted provider of consulting services, certification and tools, has published a white paper that asks if the role of the trusted service manager (TSM) will help or hinder the globalisation of near field communication (NFC) services. Titled, TSM: Friend or Foe to the NFC Marketplace?, this latest white paper from FIME explores the […]

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New ams kits makes it easy to add NFC to microcontroller systems

ams AG, a provider of high performance analog ICs and sensors, have released their AS3911 NFC development kit and interface software stack, which provide a blueprint for an NFC implementation in any microcontroller-based system. The new AS3911 NFC development kit, from ams, eliminates the need for the OEM designer to implement a complete, proprietary software […]

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NFC Forum adds Analog testing to certification program

The NFC Forum, a non-profit industry association that advances the use of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, has announced the launch of Analog testing as part of its Certification Program. The NFC Forum analog certification will be the world’s first detailed evaluation of the Radio Frequency (RF) performance of an NFC device, assuring that the […]

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Verifone P2P

VeriFone expands point-to-point encryption services to UK

VeriFone Systems, Inc.have announced that its Payments as a Service (PaaS) platform for the UK market—PAYware Ocius—has been certified by the PCI Security Standards Council (SSC) as an approved Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) solution. PCI SSC certification validates PAYware Ocius’ ability to help merchants enhance security and reduce the scope of PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) […]

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IDC Financial Insights: Mobile payments are facing large obstacles in Europe

A new report from IDC Financial Insights provides an overview of key technologies related to mobile payments and discusses implications for consumer experience based on real-life examples across Europe. The report found that although Europeans are increasingly using mobile devices for this purpose, most payments for physical goods are still made using the traditional ecommerce […]

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FEATURE: iPhone 6 will pave the way to connected commerce on NFC

By François Lecomte-Vagniez, Partner, Lobary Consulting. Just as iPhone 3 revolutionized the use of the Internet on mobile, iPhone 6 could very well change the way we purchase and pay using NFC technology. Over the past ten years, Apple has been able to develop a powerful eco system of more than 500 million fans due […]

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