Certgate_alliance FIDO

certgate joins FIDO Alliance; brings user-friendly security to mobile devices

German mobile security innovator certgate has announced that the company is joining the FIDO Alliance. The international FIDO Alliance (Fast IDentity Online) launched in February 2013 to develop user-friendly alternatives ...

security on the phone

EDITORIAL: In 2015, security will start with the handset.

Contactless Intelligence Weekly News Review Editorial – Week 51 2014: It’s that time again, when I find myself typing the last editorial post of the year. A candid review of ...


G&D taps Hercules for mobile security

As our readers well know, mobile devices are increasingly being used for mobile payments, digital ticketing and for authentication in physical access control systems in secure areas. Such use involves ...



Oxygen8; ‘2015 will be THE year for Mobile Payments’

According to a new piece of research commissioned by Oxygen8*, the UK ...

What is TEE and has its time come?

Everyone knows that here at Contactless Intelligence, we love an infographic. So ...

SMARTRAC: What is the SMART COSMOS platform?

Jason Weiss of Smartrac explains the company’s SMART COSMOS cloud platform service ...

SMARTRAC: How NFC tags add digital life to physical brands

At Cartes 2014, we met up with Corey Wilson from Smartrac to ...

VeriFone @ Cartes 2014 Vincent Roland

In this video, filmed last month at Cartes 2014, Verifone’s Vincent Roland ...

Loka looks promising for beacon-led high streets

The Connected High Street initiative creates a personalized and hyper-relevant shopping experience ...

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A warm touch from Barclaycard

Barclaycard are trying their best to make sure shoppers stay warm this winter. Starting with a pioneering contactless payment gloves meaning that shoppers can pay without getting their hands cold (!?). The glove will enable shoppers to ‘tap and pay’ and is being trialled over Christmas in several stores, Barclaycard said. The woollen gloves are […]

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Cryptomathic and OMA Emirates to improve Himalayan Bank’s card issuing

Himalayan Bank, one of the largest private sector banks of Nepal, has implemented Cryptomathic’s data preparation system, CardInk and OMA Emirates’ personalisation software, NanoPerso, into its production environment to facilitate the issuance of its entire debit and credit card portfolio. CardInk, the EMV data preparation system from e-security solutions provider Cryptomathic, has delivered the secure […]

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US Market

OSPT Alliance opens North America working group

The Open Standard for Public Transport (OSPT™) Alliance, an international association which provides an open standard for secure transit fare collection solutions, has announced the launch of a North American Sub-Working Group (Sub-WG), consisting of both members and associate members who have an interest in North American public transport and are experts in this field. […]

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Celebrating a Digital Christmas with MasterPass in Europe

Just in time for the Christmas shopping season, MasterCard has announced the launch of MasterPass™ in France and Russia, expanding the MasterPass footprint to seven countries in Europe and 16 countries worldwide. MasterPass, MasterCard reminds us, is the only global digital platform to eliminate the need to enter detailed payment and shipping information with every […]

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SIMalliance publishes OMAPI spec v3.0; support for ‘every type of of mobile OS globally’

SIMalliance, the global non-profit industry association which simplifies secure element (SE) implementation to drive secure mobile services, has published a new version – v3.0 – of its OMAPI Specification, incorporating updates which allow it to be universally implemented on every type of smartphone OS globally.  The OMAPI Specification, which is referenced by the GSMA and […]

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EDITORIAL: The mobile payment ‘inbetweeners’ – just a part of growing up?

Contactless Intelligence Weekly News Review Editorial – Week 50 2014: Something has come to my attention this week. It’s the use of a particular payment product that bridges the gap between the use of multiple cards and the implementation of a fully digital mobile wallet. I know, why would you want one? But stay with […]

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MasterCard secure digital payment now available in China

MasterCard has launched its cloud-based payment services for cross border payments to Chinese financial institutions, meaning that Chinese consumers will soon be able to make purchases around the world from various connected devices in-store, in-app and online. “The introduction of MasterCard cloud-based payments to Chinese financial institutions will create a truly seamless and secure payment […]

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Deutsche Telekom to use NFC SIM cards with CIPURSE applet from G&D

Smartphone users signed up with Hungarian telecommunications company Magyar Telekom PLC., a subsidiary of DeutscheTelekom AG, will be able to carry out a variety of transactions, such as ticketing and payment, safely and securely using a SIM card. So says, Munich-based technology provider Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) who will supply the Hungarian mobile network operator […]

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Taiwan Mobile

27 banks in Taiwan launch NFC services with Gemalto TSM Hub

Gemalto has provided its Allynis Trusted Services Hub (TSH) to secure NFC payment services launched by Taiwan Mobile Payment Co. (TWMP). TWMP is a mobile-payments joint venture formed by three prominent Taiwanese banking groups, covering all of Taiwan’s ATM, check, and credit card transactions. Gemalto’s TSH will provide an aggregation service for banks, and perform […]

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UL Key

UL launches test environment to support tokenization technology

As the industry continues to announce cloud-based mobile payment solutions, UL say they have launched a test environment (the Collis Host Test Tool) to support the correct implementation of tokenization technology. As with cardholder account data, exchanging messages to generate transactions with tokens requires correct communication between the issuers, the acquirers and the payment schemes. […]

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