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Meet the CMA 2015 Finalists: Gamechanger

Popular Kickstarter (or as we refer to them – ‘Gamechanger’) projects have included potato salad or the perfect butter knife. This new CMA category, however, is a bit more technical than that. This award is handed to the individual or company with the most convincing business idea using NFC, contactless or mobile. The kind of […]

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Meet the CMA 2015 Finalists: Contactless ID & Security

Security is key when it comes to securing people’s identity. Contactless and mobile technology adds the convenience to ID applications, facilitating the use of government and or private sector issued schemes. Awarded to the most prolific secure ID system out there. This is a new category for 2015 and here are the finalists; •    HYPR […]

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Meet the CMA 2015 Finalists: Ecosystem

Small-scale pilots have made way for company-, city- or even country-sized projects, bringing together many application areas and user experiences. Payments, posters, tourist information services, public transportation and even parking – in this category we award the efforts behind those contactless / NFC ecosystems. Everything from DNA for the IoT to a ‘Brain in the […]

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Meet the CMA 2015 Finalists: Unattended

In an increasingly convenience-focused market, we will look at the customer driven, practical innovations and how it creates new solutions. From interactive services, to multimedia output and online connectivity, today’s service oriented kiosks, ticketing and self-service applications may be one of the key drivers for contactless and mobile implementations. Here are the finalists for our […]

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Customer Experience

Meet the CMA 2015 Finalists: Customer Experience

A great customer experience – especially when trying something new can mean the difference between adoption and, well, rejection. Luckily rejection is not something that springs to mind in this category! Awarded for the most convenient use of contactless / NFC technology creating a great customer experience, be it public transport or tickets for events, […]

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Marketing Campaign

Meet the CMA 2015 Finalists: Marketing Campaign

Smart posters, in-store endorsements, social networking, location marketing – a number of marketing and advertising agencies have embraced NFC technology within the heart of their campaigns. It’s an exciting time and this category rewards both agencies and clients who have taken the leap and used NFC/BLE technology to market their products to the public or […]

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Meet the CMA 2015 Finalists: Loyalty

What could be a better sector just waiting for contactless / NFC technology than the loyalty industry? The two were made for each other.  With so many loyalty cards out there today – all waiting to be integrated into a mobile phone – surely this industry sector is the one embracing new technology the most? […]

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Meet the CMA 2015 Finalists: Innovation

Contactless and NFC technology is moving beyond payment to new applications. This category is looking to find those companies who are either bringing something new to the technology itself or how the technology is brought to the outside world. This year we have a mixed bag; from talking statues, to intelligent remote villages, from opening […]

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Meet the CMA 2015 Finalists: Transport & Ticketing

This is an old favorite and one that brings in a huge amount of interest. Awarded for the best use of contactless / NFC technology within the transportation and ticketing environment. Be it public transport or tickets for events, this award is aimed at those companies who have embraced the new contactless / NFC technology […]

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Meet the CMA 2015 Finalists: Retail

The retail industry is the front line for all consumer oriented technology innovation. In this category, we are rewarding retailers that embrace technology to improve the customer experience. From digital signage to virtual storefronts to smart mobile payment systems; in the retail category, the judges are looking for forward looking, integrated solutions that take shopping […]

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