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Mark Austin

VIDEO: Visa Europe’s Mark Austin on the future of contactless

After his keynote speech opening the Contactless Intelligence Conference, our team met up with Mark Austin from Visa Europe to find out what is around the corner when it comes to contactless deployment in the UK and beyond. After Mark’s announcement that UK retailer Tesco have now switched on contactless in 490 stores (the largest adoption since […]

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twitter awards

The winners were happy to receive a CMA last week – here’s proof!

Here at Contactless Intelligence we almost never blow our own trumpet. We tend to let others do it for us! However, we have been so overwhelmed by the fantastic feedback we received from our 2014 CMA award gala that we wanted to share a few of the tweets that have been flying our since that night. […]

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Contactless Intelligence Conference and CMA 2014; Impressions

Were you there? Will you recognise yourself? Here is our first look at the Contactless Intelligence Conference and the Contactless & Mobile Awards 2014. Congratulations to all of our winners!  

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They’re here! The winners of CMA2014 are announced!

The global appetite for contactless technologies shows no sign of abating as the 2014 Contactless Intelligence Contactless & Mobile Awards honour achievements across a wide range of sectors and countries throughout Europe and further a field. Now in its seventh year, the Contactless & Mobile Awards (sponsored by Visa Europe) has yet again attracted a […]

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Tube map

Advance CISC/CMA travel advice due to the planned London Tube strike

They say there is never a dull moment in London, and the same goes for next week’s Contactless Intelligence Spring Conference and the Contactless & Mobile Awards. Due to the planned 48 hour Tube strike from 9:30pm on the 28th, to 9:00pm 30th April there will be disruptions in the capital’s transport system and we would advise […]

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Industry Choice Award

Meet the Finalists – CMA 2014: The Industry Choice Awards

The voting for the 2014 CMA Industry Choice Award is finally open! well, it was opened on Monday but we though that we should issue this post as a mid-week push. There is a link here to the required voting form and the rules are very, very simple – all you have to do is choose a company […]

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Transport & Ticketing

Meet the Finalists – CMA 2014: Transportation & Ticketing

This category awards the best use of contactless or NFC technology within the transportation and ticketing environment. Be it public transport or tickets for events, this award is aimed at those companies who have embraced the new contactless / NFC technology to deliver their specific products to a mass audience. Our finalists this year are: Road […]

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Mobile Payment Application

Meet the Finalists – CMA 2014: Mobile Payment

With so much energy going into NFC payment applications for mobile payment solutions, there are a vast number of payment apps available in the market; each with their own distinct characteristics. From mobile wallets to pure payment solutions, this category aims to reward one company for doing the most to bring mobile payments to the […]

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Meet the Finalists – CMA 2014: Innovation

As our readers know, Contactless and NFC technology is looking to move beyond payment to new applications, be it location marketing, museum guides, or even (gasp) in body NFC implants! In this category, we are looking to reward innovative uses of NFC and contactless technology either in the context or a corporate environment or a private […]

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Meet the Finalists – CMA 2014: Infrastructure

Without a solid and reliable infrastructure in place, containing tags, registers, readers and POS terminals, NFC and contactless implementation would fail. After all – customers have to use their cards somewhere. In this category, we are looking for backend players with a track record of suitably impressive projects, rollouts or ventures. This years finalists are; […]

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Eco System

Meet the Finalists – CMA 2014: Eco System

Over the last few years we have seen small-scale pilots make way for company-, city- or even country-sized projects, bringing together many application areas and user experiences. Payments, posters, tourist information services, public transportation and even parking – in this category we award the efforts behind those contactless / NFC eco systems. This category is being […]

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