Siemens CMT expands walletXpress with bonusXpress

by Dr. Francesco Prato, Sales Director, Siemens CMT

Siemens CMT has introduced its new mobile payment solution walletXpress and bonusXpress, a versatile loyalty solution. While both products are effective on their own together they are a winning combination that stimulates customer adoption to the new payment service and boosts loyalty by providing a smooth shopping experience.

walletXpress offers comprehensive mobile payment options and allows new services, such as convenient payment of goods, mobile money transfer, payment of bills, utilities and multimedia content as well as ticketing, to be quickly introduced onto the market. Subscribers using simple mobile phones, smart phones or tablet PCs enjoy a convenient and secure shopping experience – anytime and anywhere.

bonusXpress enables providers to quickly design and execute loyalty campaigns that go way beyond the industry standard of free airtime, SMS or data volume. It offers subscribers unique convergent reward packages that really lift a provider above its competitors and that can be tailored for the different customer lifecycle phases. Thus it deepens the relationship with customers and increases the average customer lifetime value. Subscribers can use their bonus points to get discounts, pay for goods and services or to buy tickets.

bonusXpress and walletXpress together enable customers to make all their purchases on their mobile phones and get rewarded for active service use and loyalty with bonus points that can be spent on their favourite services. Thus, this combined solution offers incentives in addition to the new mobile shopping experience, which leads to increased customer satisfaction and retention.

When launching new services, content service providers (CSPs) may face slow adoption, which might be caused by uncertainty about the new service and its advantages. It then takes a lot of effort and time to successfully promote the use of the new options. Our combined solution enables providers to offer their potential customers attractive starter packages by giving initial bonus points (e.g. 500 points) to new subscribers. Subscribers will be tempted to try new services and, by providing additional benefits, customer adoption will be accelerated.

To ensure widespread availability of mobile payment options, which enable subscribers to use them without problems in shops and online stores, it is essential to co-operate with merchants and retailers. While the new mobile payment options also offer advantages in terms of quick payment procedures and low transactions costs, a combination with individual bonus programs for potential and existing partners in the ecosystem helps to expand the CSP’s service network quickly.

A practical example: A day in the life of Johnny Wallet

Johnny Wallet likes the new options his CSP offers to him. Now he can perform all payment-related transactions on his mobile phone and on top of this he also gets bonus points for each transaction, which he can then trade for discounts on attractive goods and services.

It’s Friday afternoon and Johnny has just finished his work for today and – as usual- he goes to the supermarket to buy groceries for the weekend, which he pays by using his walletXpress features. Johnny is a frequent user of the new services and has collected a lot of bonus points already. Therefore he has reached gold status, which lets him collect points even faster as he gets all his granted points multiplied by 1.5 instead of 1. After finishing his purchases for today, he goes to the train station to drive home. As walletXpress user he directly moves to the train and looks for a comfortable seat. Then he opens the app on his phone to pay for the ticket, which is already listed in his favourites as he uses this line regularly. Again, his payment is rewarded with additional bonus points. During the ride he phones his daughter, who reminds him that it’s again time for her pocket money. So, immediately after the conversation he transfers the money to his daughter’s account. Of course, this also means that some new bonus points are added. As he realizes that he has used up a lot of his free call minutes for this month already, he takes some of the bonus points to get free airtime.

In the evening the family decides to go to the movies to see the new blockbuster. Thanks to Johnny’s frequent use and his collected points, they can enjoy the movie and snacks for free by using some bonus points. Johnny feels pretty happy with his CSP and the options he is offered.

About Siemens CMT

Siemens CMT (Communications, Media and Technology) is the global partner for communication and media demands within a broad range of market segments. CMT provides its customers with innovative products, turnkey solutions, and services in the fields of communication networks, service and customer management, public security, multi-media infotainment, and aerospace technology. CMT is a unit of Siemens Austria located in Vienna with representation in CEE, Germany, India and China. Its presence in emerging and mature markets, together with a powerful network of partners, provides a strong basis for activities in more than 70 countries all over the world.

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