Siemens CMT, Nokia Siemens Networks & the 2012 Mobile World Congress

by Dr. Francesco Prato, Sales Director, Siemens CMT

Siemens Communications, Media and Technology (CMT) is presenting its new versatile mobile payment solution in cooperation with Nokia Siemens Networks’ (NSN) charging and innovative self-care solution at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Right now the rollout of mobile payments initiatives is on track all over the world. First launches have shown significant country-specific differences in user demands, regulations and market requirements. With its flexible platform, Siemens CMT is the ideal partner for providers in all markets for solutions that perfectly fit local demands.

walletXpress from Siemens CMT comes with comprehensive mobile payment options and allows convenient buying of soft goods from providers, like airtime top-up or consumer goods and services from merchants. Subscribers may use different channels for payment – from a provider-operated wallet to bank and credit-card payment. The wallet itself can be connected to the monthly bill or handled separately as over-the-top solution. Subscribers get the most convenient and secure shopping experience – anytime and anywhere.

walletXpress, together with Siemens CMT’s loyalty solution bonusXpress, is the ultimate winning combination. Users can collect bonus points and profit from discounts integrated in the payment process. Providers can quickly and easily design and implement loyalty campaigns and bonus schemes by offering their subscribers unique reward packages, which will set them off from competitors and deepen their relationship with customers. Subscribers will love to use their bonus points to get discounts, pay for goods and services or buy tickets.

For this year’s Mobile World Congress, Siemens CMT, together with Nokia Siemens Networks, has designed an overall solution that shows providers and other potential partners how to revolutionize their money-related processes. After all, this solution will enable them to provide a new 360°customer experience that covers mobile payments and state-of-the-art charging and billing procedures. Thanks to our leading-edge technology it is available on mobile devices and can be integrated with social media, such as Facebook, which addresses customers wherever they are.

With their perfectly aligned portfolios Siemens CMT and NSN together are creating a revolutionary experience, which lets customers buy goods, share their purchase experiences via social media and even have the paying taken care of. The combination of Siemens’ walletXpress and bonusXpress with NSN’s charge@once and share@once leads to a completely new way of customer interaction. For providers who go with this approach the added value is obvious.

 Rick Centeno (Head of NSN BSS) on the future of mobile payment: “The days of telco billing as we know it today are numbered. The time has come to rethink and remodel all online and offline value transactions telecom providers offer. Our vision was to create a new and innovative combination of charging, real-time billing and payment in one solution that will spark enthusiasm amongst the customers of telcos, as it fits the social network environment they are used to quite naturally. To realize this solution to the full extent we selected Siemens CMT as our strategic partner.”

So why not come and meet us at Mobile World Congress? Siemens CMT will be demonstrating its products at booth 2H53 in hall 2.

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