Group Santander City gets NFC payment system from Ingenico

Ingenico a worldwide provider of payment solutions, has worked together with Banco Santander and Orange on the development in Spain of the first payment system with multi-brand NFC mobile, which will enable users in the city of Group Santander, near Madrid, to make purchases of any amount simply by putting their mobile telephone close up to the sales point terminal.

The Group Santander City is Europe’s largest corporate headquarters on 150 hectares of semi-deserted scrubland in Madrid’s outskirts, complete with free restaurants, Europe’s biggest corporate creche, a golf course and a swimming pool.

Ingenico has been entrusted with providing state-of-the-art contactless wireless terminals for this pioneer project which will have a test stage in the Group Santander City, with 40 sales points, and in shops in Boadilla del Monte, Madrid. The company has also undertaken the technological development of these terminals so that they can accept payment through NFC technology.

The system developed, based on NFC (Near Field Communications) technology, will also allow its users to make payments in places like restaurants, convenience stores and “vending” machines in the Group Santander City, as well as obtain information from the services that they can find on it, through an advanced system of NFC labels.

The devices installed are the iCT250 model, with compact design and ergonomic styling, offer a huge range of functionality. Their colour screens allow easy reading and promotion of the merchant’s brand. Equipped with an unparalleled array of communication technologies, such as fast modem, Ethernet or GPRS, iCT250 deliver any time, anywhere connectivity and contactless EMV payment. The device is designed to meet security standards as well as the full PCI PTS V3 certificate.

It is the first time that it has been possible to make contactless payments of any amount with the main payment systems providers, MasterCard and Visa, at the same time on the same terminal. The project has been developed in co-operation with Banco Santander, Orange, Oberthur Technologies, Visa, MasterCard, Redsys and RIM.

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