From Petabytes to Green Memory

The International Supercomputing Conference is an IEEE-recognized global conference and exhibition for high performance computing, networking and storage. ISC, here in it’s 27th year, is providing a platform for 2,400 like-minded HPC researchers, technology leaders, scientists and IT-decision makers to get together and find solutions for HPC challenges.

Samsung Semiconductor has been the volume and technology leader in the field of Memory solutions now for many years. In the high-end computer segment, numerous manufacturers have come to rely on, and trust, Samsung’s very reliable and advanced products.

We are now entering a new Petabyte era. With ever increasing memory size, its impact on system reliability, system performance and more importantly, energy efficiency has become a critical factor for the entire system. Samsung has encouraged its partners to join them on their booth for the conference.

ISC 2012 also featured a new activity this year in collaboration with the HPC Advisory Council — the Student Cluster Competition. The competition consisted of five teams of university students from around the world competing to demonstrate the incredible capabilities of state-of-the-art high-performance cluster hardware and software.

Samsung is always keen encourage discussion on the subject of memory performance versus energy efficiency. Dr. Byungse So, Senior Vice President, Head of Memory Product Planning & Application Engineering Team, Samsung, delivered a keynote at ISC 2012, sharing his thoughts on technology trends in the DRAM segment, discussing the effective use of SSD technology in supercomputing and ventured a glimpse at next generation memory candidates such as Phase Change Memory and Spin Transfer Torque MRAM and explain the paradox of more performance with less energy.

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