Man buys sheep using contactless payment card.

This is a new video from MasterCard that was produced for the Portuguese market explaining the virtues of contactless payments. The story (in Portuguese) is described as follows;

“An old man, in a tiny rural village in Portugal, uses his debit card rather than cash, in his daily shopping routine to buy something as tiny as little bit of parsley, or as big as a sheep. He goes to the local grocery shop and the gas station, but he also uses his debit card for shopping on the Internet. He comes from a traditional world, but he understands change and adapts to it. He is the ultimate advocate of safe, simple and smart payments. He is the main character of a video which works as the central piece of a social and consumer campaign. The main objective of the campaign is to raise awareness of the benefits of electronic payments and the movement “away from cash.”

A very well planned and executed video… wait a minute. Did the description just say he buys a SHEEP with his contactless card! Seriously – a SHEEP! I am now looking down my nose at people in the big city who just buy silly, little items with their cards – things such as coffee, sandwiches , newspapers etc. This man buys a SHEEP! And it’s probably less than 20 Euro!

Here it is… The sheep is bought at 1:24.

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