DeviceFidelity obtains european patent for iPhone NFC solution

DeviceFidelity, Inc., a leading player in NFC plug-and-play solution for smartphones, has revealed that it has been granted patent number 2196010 by the European Patent Office for its technology in bringing mobile wallet solutions and Near Field Communications (NFC) to smartphones and tablets such as the iPhone or iPad.

The patent describes the technology behind DeviceFidelity’s marketing leading iCaisse NFC external accessory solution for Apple products such as the iPhone or iPad, and similar mobile devices. The technology allows banks, Mobile Network Operators and other ecosystem players to leverage world leading smartphone platforms to offer various applications such as mobile wallets, ticketing, transit, access control, tag reading, smart posters and peer 2 peer transactions, along with a myriad of innovative use cases made possible by NFC. The patent covers the technology for multiple configurations of the external NFC accessory, with an embedded or a removable Secure Element as well as the various shapes such an accessory could take, such as a protective case, dongle or fashionable cover. In addition to the iPhone and the iPad, the newly granted patent covers multiple mobile device form factors such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, e-book readers, and any other portable device with a screen and a cellular/WiFi connection on which the external NFC accessory based solution can be applied to.

“This latest patent is another major forward step for DeviceFidelity and it will further enable our customers to achieve their goals of bringing innovative, secure and convenient mobile wallet solutions for their consumers, especially in the European market,” said Deepak Jain, Co-Founder and CEO of DeviceFidelity. “Following patents granted in the US for this solution, our microSD NFC technology, our multi-institution mobile wallet and our NFC antenna technology, this European patent is yet another important addition to our portfolio,” he said.

In addition to US and Europe, DeviceFidelity has similar patents granted and pending for both internal and external NFC solutions in China, other Asian countries and Latin America. DeviceFidelity also owns additional patents that apply to miniaturized power enabled antenna solution and secure mass personalization technology, specifically around the use of a microSD NFC form factor. DeviceFidelity In2Pay™ and iCaisse solutions have also received certification from various payment networks and comply with the latest standards in EMV, contactless payments and mobile security. DeviceFidelity’s NFC microSD and NFC iPhone solutions have been deployed in five continents and are compatible with multiple iOS, Android and Blackberry devices

DeviceFidelity’s patents are available for licensing by companies and OEMs in the process of developing or delivering iPhone and smartphone accessories that have NFC wallet, tag reader or mobile NFC POS capability. Demand for NFC or mobile payment technology and services is growing rapidly as more consumers seek the ease and convenience of making cashless payments at retail stores and transit outlets. The technology covered under this patent opens up a tremendous market for OEMs and accessory developers to provide m-commerce solutions for smartphones, tablets, PDAs and laptop computers.

The DeviceFidelity iCaisse and In2Pay microSD solution, for both iPhone and Android consumers is available for purchase in the US through the moneto mobile wallet program (, and is being launched as part of a major MNO backed mobile wallet later this year. The recently announced iCaisse4X solution adds NFC and extended battery functionality to iPhone4S and iPhone4 along with an attractive and customizable case.

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