Turkey’s Digital Wallet, “express”, is introduced

BKM (Interbank Card Center of Turkey) has launched their “express” digital wallet platform for all cardholders to make e-commerce purchases easier and faster. This new payment system says BKM, called “express”, removes the obligation of sharing card information in e-commerce. The users identifying their debit, credit and prepaid cards into the express platform of BKM (www.bkmexpress.com.tr) will be able to do shopping without sharing any information on e-commerce web sites. The system, which is expected to increase the traffic of internet shopping, has begun to be used in some of the e-commerce web sites of Turkey by today. The number of member e-commerce web sites is expected to increase in the near future.

The cardholder, who is an express member, can do online shopping through a single-use password from the mobile phone without having to use card information. The cardholder also takes the advantage of the card’s reward, mileage, promotion and installment opportunities.

Speaking at a press conference introducing “express”, CEO of BKM, Dr. Soner Canko said: “We have been working on this digital wallet for 8 months and it is now in use. As of today, the system will begin to operate with the cards of 9 banks, including Akbank, Finansbank, Garanti Bank, ING Bank, Is Bank, TEB, Vakifbank, Yapi Kredi Bank, and Ziraat Bank. We have currently included 90% of the traffic of card payments in express platform. Soon, all the banks will take their places in express. Even if the cardholder doesn’t have his/her card, he/she can make a purchase by using express digital wallet and take advantage of the card’s reward, mileage, promotion and installment opportunities. express stands out as the first digital wallet in the world to have these features.”

In terms of usage, the cardholder signs up to express with a username (email address) and password at http://www.bkmexpress.com.tr and registers each card to “express” using some digits of the card number and the their national Turkish ID Number. Express passes this information to the card issuing bank. The card issuing bank matches the information provided with their records and sends, via SMS, a one time password to the bank verified phone number of the cardholder. Once the cardholder enters this one time password on the express screen the card is instantly verified and ready for use in online shopping. This process is repeated with each card to be registered in express.

The process is very fast and also secure since the full card number is only kept at the issuing bank and only the bank verified phone number is used.

  • Having saved the cards the cardholder becomes ready for online shopping.
  • During the checkout step of online shopping, if the cardholder prefers to pay by express ‘digital wallet’ they sign in with their user name and password. Here they see all the cards and the purchase price including installment options for each card and make their card choice.
  • The issuing bank sends a one time password to the cardholders telephone. The transaction is completed along with the payment authorization once the one time password is correctly entered.

By the year 2023, 100th year of Turkish Republic, Turkey aims to be the first country in the world, where all the payment transactions are executed through payment systems. express digital wallet platform is an important step towards “Cashless Society”.


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