StarHub’s SmartWallet App

And just complete the Friday, Singapore, feeling, here is StarHub’s wallet app; demonstrated (again through the medium of cartoon) for us all. The SmartWallet (that’s it’s name) stores your credit cards, loyalty cards and merchant discounts securely on your mobile phone.

How do we know this? Well, for the first time (that we have seen), the video actually attempts to explain to the layman what NFC is – perhaps because StarHub is an MNO rather than a bank. More than that – it does its best to assure us all that it’s secure. Very secure – according to international standards. Oh, and a six-digit PIN number that secures the wallet.

OK, I admit it. that last bit I don’t get. Instead of Chip and PIN at the terminal, I would enter a six-digit (!) PIN into the phone, unlock the wallet and then perform the transaction. It seems that the payment part isn’t that much better/faster than a card transaction. All I can say is that the discounts and the coupons also available must really be worth all the extra effort…

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