NFC technology boosts in-car smartphone integration

Stollmann, a German company specialising in software stacks for NFC, Bluetooth and ISDN, Philips & Lite-On Digital Solutions (PLDS) who are well-known in the automotive infotainment industry and Funkwerk Dabendorf , a producer of mobile communication solutions in the automotive industry have agreed to cooperate on smartphone integration in the car via NFC.

With a steady and substantial rise in the integration of the smartphone into the car, the companies involved say they see a compelling resin to work on an innovative concept for the automotive industry as a whole. This „all-round carefree package“  (their description) includes the optimal combination of NFC, Wireless Charging, a universal antenna coupling and the customized display of the smartphone surface in the vehicle’s head unit display. Using standard interfaces such as NFC and Qi (the wireless charging standard of the Wireless Power Consortium), the companies involved say, will ensures 100 per cent compatibility and versatile use in-car.

“It will be one of the biggest challenges for the future to enable people to easily handle the growing amount of functionalities of the smartphone in the car without intensive study of the manuals. Therefore, Near Field Communication is crucial for the advancement of a system that covers the complete and future-proof integration of mobile phones in the vehicle.” says Nico Borm, VP Sales & Marketing at Funkwerk Dabendorf GmbH.

An often cited example is Bluetooth Secure Simple Pairing, at which an NFC-enabled mobile phone gets connected to the car radio via Bluetooth without entering a PIN, just by placing it at a built-in “NFC hotspot” in the car. In the future, along with well-established mobile phone functions such as telephone book or text messages it will be possible to transmit personalized information about the driver such as radio station, seat and mirror pre-settings. In times of increasing use of car sharing these solutions are expected to attract more and more interest.

Wenka Voss, International Marketing and Business Development Automotive at Stollmann, explained, “NFC is an essential transmission technology that is used in different industries and areas. The automotive industry uses NFC technology to open up towards other ecosystems. Nowadays, the user expects to use the smartphone with all its functionalities in the car as well – without complex integration processes”.

The seamless integration of the mobile phone into the vehicle is also key to PLDS’s business developments. “We will ensure complete compatibility with all recent and future smartphones and optimal adaption of the integrated functionalities towards the specific needs of the driver.” says Stefan Graf, Director Marketing & New Technologies at PLDS.  

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