Atos Worldline launches ready-to-go, NFC Mobile Wallet

Atos Worldline, with their expertise in Hi-Tech Transactional Services, is launching a ready-to-go, Visa and MasterCard compliant NFC (Near Field Communication) mobile payment application for card issuers worldwide. The user will be able to pay at the growing number of contactless payment locations, simply by swiping his mobile phone against the payment terminal, and keying his PIN code directly on his phone. Built on an architecture combining mobile application and cloud services, the new wallet, says Atos, will enable multiple, differentiating value-added services such as cloud payment and NFC transactional services.

The Atos Mobile Wallet, says the company, will offer fast, easy and secure mobile payment and provides differentiating value-added services on top of  cards while keeping control over their existing customer relationship, and enabling to support new end-user needs. The new service implements the latest specifications from Visa, MasterCard, SIMAlliance and AFSCM, combined with a sleek design to provide a rich, interactive and pleasant user experience for NFC mobile payment. “Atos Worldline is focused on fostering and encouraging innovation. The Atos Mobile Wallet is an example of a product leveraging our unique combined expertise in both Payment and Mobile Services. It shows our commitment as business technologists to enable the Mobile Payment revolution, by using the latest technology to the benefit of our customers and the end-users.” says Christophe Duquenne, CEO at Atos Worldline.

Features include;

  • Straightforward integration with payment platforms to provide easy enrollment, payment history, online card and account details, is enabled thanks to a Mobile Gateway offered as a service with the application.
  • Added-value services such as strong authentication, coupons, loyalty, link to Cloud Wallet and P2P payment, can be easily implemented to match the issuer’s strategy.
  • The design is easily branded to the colours and logo of the issuer, thus enabling short time-to-market, and can be personalized further for stronger differentiation.

The new service can be offered alone, or combined with Atos Worldline portfolio, including Trusted Service Management (TSM), Issuing platforms, Pre-Paid management, Loyalty/Couponing and Access Control Server services. A presentation of Atos Mobile Wallet is being given at the NFC World Congress 2012 in Nice, this week, along with other end-to-end NFC mobile transactional services and payment terminals including the YOMANI.

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