Crosscliq Showcases the Power of NFC with Blackberry at the Toronto International Film Festival

Crosscliq claim to have brought NFC to life for BlackBerry at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival® (TIFF). BlackBerry-maker, RIM chose Crosscliq, an NFC-mobile technology company, to showcase how convenient and beneficial NFC is for consumers.

BlackBerry Ambassadors sporting NFC-enabled devices were on site to deliver an experiential mobile opportunity for guests. Festival goers were able to vote for their favourite film, download the Official TIFF interactive film guide and other BlackBerry entertainment apps, and enter the Bell and BlackBerry contest to win a trip for two to Hollywood, all with the simple tap of their NFC-enabled smartphone.

While NFC has been used and discussed primarily in terms of mobile commerce, Crosscliq say they wanted to demonstrate the multiple capabilities of NFC, and connecting with consumers from a marketing standpoint. Crosscliq focuses on NFC print-to-mobile and screen-to-mobile implementations that also bring to their clients an end-to-end solution in terms of its practical use and handling of data.

“We are pleased to have Crosscliq as our NFC partner at the Toronto International Film Festival this year,” said Frank Maduri, Sr. Director, Product Management for NFC at BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion (RIM). “Their knowledge and expertise in NFC technology and real-time analytics is the perfect fit our Festival activations and we are excited to create such a cutting-edge experience for Festival guests and BlackBerry customers. Once again, BlackBerry is showing its leadership in this emerging and exciting area by taking NFC beyond mobile payments.  With a simple tap, consumers can go straight to a mobile app or website.”

“Essentially, NFC knows where you want to go and it takes you there,” said Ian Barkley of Crosscliq. “The instant access to websites without taking time and extra steps to search the web first is genius. You can begin to see the potential NFC has to greatly simplify navigation and position digital content within physical spaces.”

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