Proxama refutes Thinaires claim – says they were first with ‘NFC Enterprise Suite’

Last week, we covered a news release from a US-based company called Thinaire who claimed to have released the first “Enterprise Suite” – a marketing platform that provides state-of-the-art tools for the implementation of NFC-powered mobile campaigns across channels. 

So far, so good.

However, UK-based Proxama were soon on the case and pointed out that they have actually had what they consider to be a complete NFC Enterprise  Suite/Marketing Platform available since early 2011 (they stress the term ‘Enterprise’). In Proxama’s words, their TapPoint™ (formerly known as TouchPoint) is “the original global enterprise NFC marketing platform and has been delivering campaigns since early 2011. By incorporating Proxama’s TagCenter™ SDK into their own consumer facing apps, brands, retailers and voucher companies can ‘NFC-enable’ their apps and automatically link to TapPoint for campaign management, analytics and reporting – a readymade NFC marketing ecosystem”.

Proxama’s Managing Director, Miles Quitmann, pointed out that Nokia was the first to license Proxama’s platform in February 2011. Since then TapPoint has delivered the first OOH (Out Of Home) NFC marketing campaign with FOX Studios for the launch of the X-Men First Class movie and with VH1 to advertise Basketball Wives in New York and LA. Quitmann was also quick to point out that TapPoint was the NFC marketing platform behind Nokia’s successful N9 cinema campaign VOX cinemas, powering, monitoring and reporting on NFC voucher and loyalty collection and redemptions.

Everything Everywhere licensed TapPoint in early 2012 and since then TapPoint has powered Orange’s Quick Tap Treats NFC loyalty service.  Quick Tap Treats launched in February 2012 with the UK’s first NFC consumer campaign with EAT. which ran for 4 months and reaching 200,000 consumers. Proxama explains that TapPoint was used to configure the campaign, batch program and assign NFC tags to all EAT. restaurants and uniquely monitored all transactions based on store location providing unrivalled (their words) campaign analytics.

“TapPoint”, states Quitmann,  “also provides the self-service capabilities required by global brands and agencies to launch large scale NFC marketing campaigns. Proxama launched its self-service capabilities at Isobar’s Create London event in March 2012 where developers were invited to use the TapPoint Developer tools to develop and present innovative NFC use cases to a panel of judges including O2 and Google.”

Quitmann assured Contactless Intelligence that Proxama are already in discussion with a number of well-known brand clients, who are excited to use the Proxama TapPoint solution.

“Proxama’s campaign management system provides valuable and accurate analytics such as redemption rates, response times and repeat visits. Today TapPoint is being used by global agencies and media planners in preparation to launch large scale NFC campaigns and tagged infrastructure in early 2013”. Miles Quitmann, Managing Director of UK-based Proxama

Proxama may well win the claim of being the first to develop and launch an enterprise marketing platform for NFC marketing campaigns – despite what is being said by competitors on the other side of the ‘pond’ and with potentially different interpretations of the definition of ‘Enterprise Suite’. However, as brands realise the benefits behind NFC/QR code marketing, market revenues from NFC-based OOH campaigns could be set to grow exponentially in the next few years. When this happens you can bet that this market is going to get more crowded and even more competitive.

And ultimately what’s better? To be first to market or to be recognised market leader?

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