JCF celebrates 15 year anniversary in Singapore – 10 billion Java Cards deployed worldwide

The Java Card Forum (JCF), an industry organisation dedicated to promoting and developing interoperable Java Card™ technology products, is celebrating 15 years of achievements that have shaped the smart card industry, in Singapore this September.

During the Java Card Open Day in Singapore on 20th September, Java Card experts shared successful implementations of the technology and explored future applications, demonstrating the solid credentials of a technology 15 years in the making. From 1997 to 2012, Java Card Forum experts have worked in close collaboration with Oracle (and formerly with Sun Microsystems) to create and improve Java Card technology. This led to the publication by Sun of 6 releases of the Java Card specification, effectively delivering Java Card technology’s promise (interoperability, security and multi-application support) to the telecoms, IT security and financial services industries. With over 10 billion Java technology based smart cards deployed so far, the Java Card platform can be considered as a tremendous success and is today the most used IT platform in the world.

“We have chosen Singapore as it is synonymous with technical revolution, and Java Card technology has been at the cutting edge of developments in markets such as telecoms, government ID and payments,“ says Bruno Basquin, President of the Java Card Forum. “We have welcomed marketing, product and business development managers who want to learn how Java Card technology can be a success enabler for their projects.”

The Java Card Forum has continued its collaboration with Oracle on Java Card 3.x technology (the most recent iteration), which marks an important milestone in the growing importance of smart, secure, and portable devices in our everyday life. The electronic world is permanently redefining its frontiers, with an increasing trend to concentrate more services on each individual, and more than ever the need to share more content and applications with others. In this context, the Java Card 3 platform, with its more powerful Java technology engine, has the ambition to become the reference smart secure platform of the coming years for industries such as Telecoms and IT.

“The Java Card technology, in its last iteration, offers more flexibility in hosting multiple applications, is adapted to new channels such as NFC, and comes with increased communications capabilities,” continues Basquin. “ These are the mandatory ingredients to position this technology as a key building block of the next wave of secure digital services such as Mobile payment, Identity, ticketing, M2M applications and many others. And with the emergence of secure elements, Java Card sees its scope naturally extended to various form factors.”

Anyone wishing to find out more about the Java Card Open Day on 20th September, should go to www.javacardforum.org/openday for more details.

JCF members include Gemalto, Giesecke & Devrient, Incard, Morpho, NXP, Oberthur Card Systems, Watchdata.

Oracle and Java are registered trademarks of Oracle and/or its affiliates.

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