Identive Announces Increase in Transponder, NFC Orders

Identive Group, Inc., a provider of products and services for the identification, security and RFID industries, have announced that it has received new customer orders for more than 20 million radio frequency identification (RFID) transponder products, including over 15 million near field communication (NFC) transponders.

The orders represent large contracts with customers in the US, Europe and Asia and are due for delivery over the next six months.

“We are very pleased with the uptick in volume of our transponder orders, which represents a 33% increase over our average quarterly production for 2012 to date. Having these orders already in place for Q4 and Q1 points to a recovery in demand for our transponder products in general and a strong increase in demand for innovative NFC applications,” said Dr. Manfred Mueller, executive vice president and COO Identification Products for Identive. Mueller continued, “As previously announced, we are bringing additional production capacity on line in our Singapore plant during Q4, which we expect will accommodate this growing demand.”

Identive offers the world’s broadest range of NFC transponders, readers and reader modules including full tagging solutions and web-based personalization capabilities to address applications for payment, mobility, ticketing, retail and more. For more information visit

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