AIRTAG ‘GoMcDo’ now compatible with Apple Passbook

AIRTAG®, a provider of mobile, NFC and in-store solutions have unveiled their Apple Passbook support for McDonald’s mobile ordering and payments application, GoMcDo. By integrating with Passbook, GoMcDo users can further streamline their ordering process, which already includes paying ahead of time and skipping the line when picking up their order. Prepaid orders are retrieved at McDonald’s by scanning a QR Code or smartphone on the NFC compatible unattended “Easy Check-In” kiosk.

The GoMcDo Mobile app for iOS6 will now include the “Add to Passbook” feature, enabling the QR code to be stored directly in Passbook. When shoppers are close to McDonald’s, a Passbook notification will appear on the iPhone home screen so users can check in when they get to the restaurant.

“Mobile shopping is a long-term fix, for current ongoing problems within the retail experience. We have found that once shoppers use the GoMcDo service, they continue to use it, proving the ability for mobile shopping solutions to keep customers coming into a store,” said Jérémie Leroyer CEO & Co-founder of AIRTAG.We have been working on innovations to our AIRSHOP platform for McDonald’s solution that constantly improve the user experience to create incentives to use the service”.

GoMcDo touts advanced interactive features, including:

  • Geolocation tool to locate restaurants in proximity enabled with the service
  • Ability to store payment details, ordering history and favorites for future orders
  • Movie Night: In – app player to watch the movie trailer of weekly featured motion pictures, find theaters nearby and check movie times

McDonald’s has been using AIRTAG’S AIRSHOP solution since 2009 to deploy GoMcDo, an application currently active in 50+ McDonald’s locations in France. The collaboration has been concentrated on engaging McDonald’s customers in new and innovative ways and to improve the in-store shopping experience. The app is seeing growing popularity from McDonald’s customers with more than 1.8 million downloads to date.

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