Canada’s Rogers Communications enters mobile payment market – uses digital security from Gemalto



English: The Rogers Building, the headquarters...

English: The Rogers Building, the headquarters of Rogers Communications. Formerly the Rogers AT&T Centre, it was originally built as the headquarters of the insurance company Confederation Life. Taken by SimonP Français : Le Rogers Building, le siège social du Rogers Communications (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Rogers Communications (Canada’s largest provider of wireless voice and data communications services and one of Canada’s leading providers of cable television, high speed internet and telephony services) is currently pilot testing mobile payment solutions that are due to come to  to market this year on Rogers NFC-enabled devices; devices that will be secured by digital security technology from Gemalto.


Rogers will deploy the Upteq NFC, Gemalto’s EMV-ready, high-end SIM-UICC solution, to store and secure consumers credentials and card data required to make payments with NFC-enabled mobile devices. “It’s essential that consumers have peace of mind when it comes to storing payment cards on their mobile device and using it to make credit and debit transactions on the go,” said David Robinson, Vice-President, Emerging Business, Rogers Communications. “Working with Gemalto allows us to protect the consumer’s information by leveraging the SIM card, assuring a secure and seamless experience for mobile payments.”


Rogers is deploying the UpTeq NFC to secure payment credentials stored on the high-end SIM for new mobile payment services that are expected to launch in Canada later this year, and will leverage the card’s onboarding flexibility for the future addition of tap-and-go services including coupon redemption, loyalty programs, transit, and other digital identification. The UpTeq NFC secure device, which has an identical form factor as a conventional SIM, is part of Gemalto’s UpTeq LTE offer, and fully compliant over LTE networks.  The payment services that Rogers expects to deliver to banks will fully comply with EMV, the global standard for secure credit and debit card transactions based on microprocessor chip technology that protects information needed for secure payments. The software application and the UpTeq NFC device have both successfully achieved the compliance assessment and security testing certification in accordance with MasterCard and Visa’s highest security requirements.

Gemalto has the global experience and capabilities, deploying and having deployed more than 50 mobile NFC projects worldwide. The company has a long history of being entrusted by thousands of banks and mobile operators around the world to provide best-in-class solutions for digital security” said Sébastien Cano, senior vice president of Telecommunications at Gemalto North America.We have worked closely with Rogers to develop a highly scalable and secure solution for mobile payment that leverages the SIM as our industry’s most cost-effective security ingredient – Rogers is leading the way for the future of mobile payments.”

According to the press release,  tens of thousands of Canadian retailers are already equipped with contactless point-of-sale (POS) terminals that today accept contactless banking cards and are hence capable of supporting the mobile payment solutions on NFC-enabled devices – among them fast food outlets, gasoline stations, grocery and convenience stores and coffee shops. It will be interesting to see how soon Rogers will be able to make significant moves into this lucrative market once the pilot phase is over.



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