Proximian uses NFC to deliver digital receipts to consumers’ mobiles

Proximiant™ (, a California-based company working in the field of Touch and Go™ mobile receipts and targeted CRM say they have created a new shopping tool that claims to blend online convenience with in-store retail purchasing, have introduced new features that will allow Android and Apple smartphone users to receive digital receipts at retail stores with Proximiant transceivers.

Proximiant app users with Near Field Communication (NFC)-enabled devices can digitally capture a receipt from the point-of-sale simply by tapping their phones to a transceiver at the check-out counter. For mobile devices without NFC, consumers can use the mobile camera feature to scan a unique QR code displayed on the transceiver at each transaction and load a digital receipt.

“These new features enhance our breakthrough Touch and Go™ technology that allows retailers to seamlessly provide mobile receipts to shoppers without invading their privacy,” said Fang Cheng, CEO and founder of Proximiant. “Now, users without NFC-enabled devices can scan their phones and receive full digital receipts faster and easier. This is part of the Proximiant mission — to continue building a successful mobile platform that maintains utility and value, while remaining shopping-centric.”

Proximiant’s proprietary technology offers a frictionless way for retailers to send mobile receipts directly to customer smartphones at the point of purchase. The application helps consumers better organize their purchases without experiencing the uncertainty that usually accompanies the transmittal of sensitive personal information. For retailers, Proximiant helps them stay in front of customers, even after they’ve bought their items and left the stores.

Proximiant say they are currently working with more than a dozen major retailers in North America to bring its digital receipt technology in stores. The company has also recently closed a round of funding that the company claim will help bring the technology to more retailers that are looking to increase customer loyalty.

Investors include the Dabah family, Inventec Appliances Corporation (IAC) and Tom Chiu of Sand Hills Angels.

“Having a digital receipt without being forced to provide an email address or phone number is a very powerful idea that will transform this space,” said Mac Dabah, lead investor. “Because of my family’s history of success in the apparel and retail industries, I’ve seen firsthand just how difficult it is for retailers to stay in touch with the customer. Proximiant provides an amazing solution that is easily implementable, scalable, and very affordable without the complication of system integration.”


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