Introducing the 2013 CMA Finalists: Infrastructure


Without a solid and reliable infrastructure in place, containing tags, registers, readers and POS terminals, NFC and contactless implementation would fail. After all – customers have to use their cards somewhere. In this category, we are looking for backend players with a track record of suitably impressive projects, rollouts or ventures. 

This years finalists are;

  • VeriFone/M&S – Full integration with contactless & NFC (UK)
  • Merchant Warehouse – Genius platform (US)
  • YEP – Yepify platform (Estonia)
  • Secure NFC – NFC security solutions (Australia)

VeriFone is a global leader in secure electronic payment solutions and provides expertise, solutions and services that add value to the point of sale with merchant-operated, consumer-facing and self-service payment systems for the financial, retail, hospitality, petroleum, government and healthcare vertical markets. VeriFone’s contactless payment device – the VX 820 – has helped leading UK retailer, Marks & Spencer, transform its POS estate. The project implemented sleek new PIN pads with contactless and NFC capabilities and full colour touch screens to unlock new opportunities to engage with the customer.

The project was initiated in November 2011 with VeriFone working closely with Marks & Spencer development and test teams to implement the solution from standstill to pilot in less than 6 months. This included provisioning in platforms to accept Marks & Spencer staff discount card, contactless and all other forms of card payment. Marks & Spencer initially introduced VeriFone contactless payment terminals in 25 of its busiest London shops including Marble Arch, Westfield Stratford City, Westfield White City and a number of M&S Simply Food stores, in preparation for the Olympics.

These strategic locations were equipped with VeriFone VX 820s, which allowed customers to pay for transactions under £20 using contactless cards and NFC-enabled phones. VeriFone supplied large volumes of the PCI PTS 3.0 approved, fully integrated contactless PIN pad for fast and convenient deployment. As part of the roll-out, specific screen savers and POS service applications were also developed to launch alongside the new payment platform. Marks & Spencer followed the initial product introduction with a full estate upgrade in excess of 16,000 payment devices.

Merchant Warehouse is a recognised leader in payment technologies and merchant services. The company’s Genius Customer Engagement Platform enables merchants, agents, POS developers and VARs to achieve strategic business advantage by integrating any and every transaction technology, mobile wallet and loyalty program into a single, intuitive platform. This allows businesses to deliver current and emerging payment options, as well as offer and program solutions to enhance the merchant-customer experience. Merchant Warehouse is one of the fastest growing payment technology companies in North America.

Merchant Warehouse’s Genius platform is the first payment technology of its kind to be generally available in the marketplace. The Genius platform provides developers and merchants with universal payment acceptance of NFC, EMV and QR/2D barcodes, as well as unlimited choice among additional payment types, including mobile wallets and other mobile commerce solutions. Genius can also be fully integrated with the merchant’s existing point-of-sale (POS) system. This innovative platform enables merchants to deliver enhanced customer experience to support business growth through a single customer engagement device, where they can change and implement any mobile commerce or loyalty partner app within hours. Additionally, merchants no longer need to exchange hardware or complete time-intensive software upgrades; updates to Genius and its partner apps are pushed seamlessly through the cloud. Genius is also a PCI compliant solution that separates all sensitive data from being stored, granting developers, merchants and consumers peace of mind, knowing that transactional data is protected.

Yep OÜ say they are an independent, agile and people-driven software development & digital consultancy studio with their headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia, having research & core development focus on Near Field Communications. As well as NFC, they also help companies build their digital products and like to think that they deliver great experience through effective and sustainable products. Yep gathers together information architects, designers, developers, digital marketing specialists and photographers, to give their customers nothing less than the most exhilarating way to tell their story through a digital experience.

Yepify is a proximity campaign management tool/management platform. It makes it easy to link an NFC/QR/RFID tag with functionality and track their usage and if needed monetise the scans of clients. Yepify manages the interactions followed by a scan or a tap and gathers the statistics; it is a tool for tag management and statistics.

The whole process takes just 4 steps:

  • Adding tags: There are two ways for adding tags. Either through their desktop program which simply takes all the tags that a customer can scan in and associates them with an account or they will do it for you if you buy the tags from them;
  • Adding functionality: Linking the tags to desired functionality – select a campaign, select tags, add functionality. Yepify generates a short-URL that a customer will have to encode on their tags and then the tags can be issued;
  • Tracking scans: Yepify is similar to a google analytics for NFC tags. All the scans of the tags with functionality linked through Yepify can be measured;
  • Evolving: It’s all about CPS (cost-per-scan) – customers can now bill their clients for the proven success of the proximity campaign.

Secure NFC Pty. Ltd. come from Melbourne Australia and offer End-2-End information security for NFC Enabled Cards & Devices. The company contributes to the creation and maintenance of ultra-secure NFC networks for both financial and non-financial NFC transactions, achieved through the provision of their patented End-2-End data encryption software methodology to the world’s leading financial scheme operators, NFC system integrators and NFC solutions providers. Secure NFC say that consumers can also benefit directly from their patented NFC technology solutions by downloading their smartphone apps for their respective smartphone marketplaces for a fee.

Secure NFC offers a range of Software Development Kits, in particular the Terminal SDK and MSD. The Software Development Kit is licensed to both NFC terminal manufacturers and smartphone makers allowing them to be able to finally provide true End-2-End data encryption by strengthening the existing security of any NFC reader (terminal or smartphone).

By finally providing true End-2-End transaction security (including the NFC hardware) to NFC cardholders, a number of serious threats are instantly eliminated, namely: phishing, denial of service, man in the middle attacks, data corruption, impersonation, spoofing, listening and data manipulation. This increased security works seamlessly with any NFC application the NFC card issuer is running on the NFC equipment and also compliments and strengthens EMV. The end result is a dramatic reduction in annual NFC equipment related fraud and thus an increase in consumer confidence in NFC which translates into more NFC equipment usage.

 The winner of the new category – Infrastructure – will be announced at the gala event award show at the Hilton London Tower Bridge hotel in London, on the 30th April. Interested in joining us? Then please  follow this link here. We look forward to seeing you there!

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