Top SA travel trade show boasts “Go Green” success using Poken’s NFC platform


By Stéphane Doutriaux, Founder & CEO, Poken



With one of the largest and most successful NFC (Near Field Communication) deployments to date, South Africa has taken the lead on using the new contactless technology to achieve its aims of boosting efficiency and going paperless.

Over 60 000 connections per day were made by  “INDABA Connect” users, who used Poken’s NFC based event tool-chest to distribute over 14,258 documents and share more than 240’000 business cards, electronically.  A fleet of Sony xPeria phones were used in conjunction with Poken’s NFC USB sticks and NFC+ tags, to allow exhibitors and event hosts to digitally exchange information.

This was a deliberate eco-friendly initiative, a ‘Go Green’ approach that led to the saving of a small forest of 374 trees by minimising the need for piles of printed collateral and business cards.

As only a fraction of the market is equipped with NFC capabilities in their phones, and the technology remains inconvenient to use within a mobile handset, Poken has made it easy to deploy and accessible to anyone, even people with a very low level of technical proficiency.  Creating a suite of products that allows event organizers and marketers to cost-effectively equip all their visitors with a contactless USB stick capable of storing over 4000 pieces of information collected “with a touch”, Poken continues its successful deployment of simple, no-nonsense event tools.

Countless trade shows and corporate events continue to benefits from “touch technology” to boost networking, enhance the visitor experience by removing the need to carry bags full of paper flyers, catalogs, and such, and provide the best lead generation metrics that exhibitors have ever seen.

In order to allow visitors to immediately view and access the information collected using their Poken NFC device on their legacy mobile phone or computer, sync stations were deployed by South Africa Tourism. “South Africa was able to showcase itself as a top travel destination, and use one of the latest mobile technologies to enhance the visitor experience.  Mobile phones are such an integral part of people’s lives, possibly more so in Africa than any other place. I am proud that we are a precursor in deploying NFC  on such a large scale in the trade show space,” said William Price, Global Manager of eMarketing at South Africa Tourism.

The Indaba Connect experience was created in collaboration with Fogg

View a brief animation about the use of Poken below;

For more information about Poken, click here.


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One Comment on “Top SA travel trade show boasts “Go Green” success using Poken’s NFC platform”

  1. June 7, 2013 at 11:10 am #

    The blood, the sweat, the results, the satisfaction!

    Congrats to all involved.


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