Wooshping & GameLayer partner to bring NFC based gamification to customers


Wooshping, the leading provider of near field communications (NFC) cloud-based customer engagement solutions, is partnering with GameLayer to create and offer a complete NFC-based Gamification solution to its customers.

GameLayer, an industry expert in Gamification solutions, is keen to implement innovative and exciting gaming experiences that leverage physical objects and real-world spaces. Wooshping has been chosen to be its primary NFC partner. It will provide the NFC technology and cloud-based platform to enable customised real-world challenges and games, following a simple tap on an NFC tag.

For example, at a music festival there could be a challenge to find and unlock all artists performing on a particular day or stage and enter a competition to meet the headlining act; or perhaps hidden codes that give access to VIP areas. Or a local tourist trail could use the platform to provide timely and spontaneous commentary and extra information along the trail.

Steven Judge, Founder & CEO of GameLayer, commented, “NFC and Gamification are both emerging technologies that complement each other beautifully and when implemented and leveraged jointly, deliver truly intuitive and captivating end user experiences. Bringing GameLayer and Wooshping technologies together strengthens our respective propositions and adds value to our customers and ultimately the end user. “

The partnership includes the deployment of Wooshping’s unique campaign management platform that makes it possible for brand owners to fully understand all touchpoint interactions as well as being able to update the challenges in real-time, via the cloud-based management console.

Commenting on the announcement, Rupert Englander, Founder & Managing Director of Wooshping said, “We are delighted to be partnering with GameLayer to offer customers more scope for consumer engagement campaigns. With Wooshping’s market leading cloud-based NFC platform and GameLayer’s state-of-the-art Gamification platform, we have the capability to delivery truly engaging and immersive real-world gaming experiences, with the most user-friendly interface possible: NFC.”

Wooshping has already delivered a number of highly successful NFC consumer engagement campaigns for global brands such as Nokia and Microsoft, as well as Game, Local Viewpoints, and the Museum of London, which have demonstrated the power and spontaneity of NFC-led consumer interactions.

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