Zenius unveils secure cloud-based mobile payment platform


Zenius Solutions, Inc. has introduced Zenius ONE, calling it ‘the world’s most innovative and flexible mobile commerce solution’. The system, which the company says can be deployed in under 90 days, features a mobile wallet with payment, loyalty and couponing; a POS module to accept and send receipts; and a backend to verify the authenticity of users and transactions. The Zenius ONE system is available for white label branding and can be integrated to current iPhone and Android mobile apps.

The technology is independent of mobile platforms and utilizes secure cloud-based tokens to authenticate transactions, enabling even card brand payments such as VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. In addition, the company is keen to point out that the retailer retains 100% control of user experience, functionality, and core data. “Every current mobile payment solution holds retailers hostage. Zenius ONE technology sets merchants free by providing cloud-based support to retailers and consumers,” states John Wiese, Zenius President.

Zenius ONE supports payment as its base offering, but Zenius says that it also drives value using loyalty and deals to attract customers and drive retention, increase frequency of use, and gain share of wallet – all while driving down transaction fees by shifting to less expensive processing options. Plus, consumers get what they want most: convergence on the mobile phone, including secure storage for prepaid value and easy electronic receipt tracking. Interestingly enough, Zenius ONE does not require a secure element on the phone.

Zenius ONE boasts an easy-to-use customer interface (consumers can self-enroll) supported by a highly secure backend. Some key technical features include:

  • End-to-end (mobile, POS and backend) in one complete system
  • Simplified platform for easy and fast transactions
  • Transactions using QR Code, Contactless and NFC P2P
  • Option for cloud-based tokens and/or NFC architectures in one system

To support the value proposition of the technology, the business model for Zenius ONE is simple (and becoming more standard with start-up mPOS companies): a one-time initiation fee for the system, and a monthly per user fee based on customer volume.

Below is a video of Zenius ONE in action. The demo shows a gift card being provisioned, presented, accepted and reviewed, along with other transaction demonstrations including Wal-Mart, Starbucks, and Target cards.

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