Morpho opens first data center in Latin America to support NFC mobile payments


Morpho (Safran), a supplier of high-tech solutions in security, mobility and payment, has just opened in Taubaté, São Paulo, Latin America’s first data center for Trusted Service Management (TSM) technology. The unit, which represents a part of the 3.5 million euros to be invested in Brazil, will provide the infrastructure for all businesses that need secure and convenient electronic mobile payment solutions via NFC, including banks, telecom operators and public transportation.

Morpho’s Taubaté data center will enable these customers to streamline projects and releases with TSM technology and accelerate their implementation and operation. This will transform the user’s mobile phone into an electronic wallet with various payment and access features. In case of loss or theft of a mobile device, the user needs only to call one phone number for all data to be immediately transferred to another chip, thus preventing the misuse of the stored information.

Paolo Villasco, Senior Vice President Americas at Morpho, e-Documents Division, said: “The new data center is a perfect example of Morpho’s successful combination of its global experience in innovation and state-of-the-art technology with local and personalized service. Since the data center is already prepared to support large-scale projects, we expect to be operational for production in the second half of this year. Our plan is to set up additional data centers in Latin America.”

A local TSM data center provides relevant differentials: local service, servers with high availability, face-to-face service in Portuguese and Spanish, and, in the specific case of Brazil, assurance that customer data remains in the country, which in many times is a customer demand.


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