CaixaBank & Comercia Global Payments launch app for mPOS solution


Comercia Global Payments, a joint venture between the U.S.-based Global Payments Inc. and CaixaBank, the leading Spanish financial institution by market share, is the first to launch an mPOS solution that has been developed entirely by a Spanish financial institution. This innovative solution offers a way to collect payments with smartphones, streamlining epayments for small business such as self-employed professionals who do their work in customers’ homes, repair services, home delivery services, taxis, craft fairs, etc.

The main feature of the new system is that it provides a very easy-to-use system with minimal technology requirements. Customers will download an application to their smartphones and will insert the card into a small card reader provided by Comercia Global Payments where the customer will type his/her PIN code.

Payment is collected easily and intuitively in three simple steps:

  1. The smartphone application can be used to enter the amount receivable, either directly or by selecting the products in the catalogue.
  2. The cardholder inserts the card in card reader connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth. The PIN Code is entered to confirm the operation.
  3. The purchase receipt is sent to the cardholder by email or text message.

The mPOS application also enables stores to keep all the references in their commercial catalogues on their mobile. After receiving a card payment, it is possible to display not only the total amount, but also the details of the products and services sold. In short, the Comercia Global Payments mPOS turns the smartphone into a store’s “cash register”.

The Comercia Global Payments mPOS application is the first to be launched in Spain that has been fully developed by a financial institution, CaixaBank. Comercia Global Payments has undertaken all its technological development with a view to offering a service fully adapted to the characteristics of the Spanish market.

The application for Android and Google Play can now be downloaded free of charge from app stores, and will be available for smartphones with the iOS operating system shortly.

The mPOS solution is specifically aimed at the self-employed and professionals, whose work obliges them to move frequently and charge their customers at home. Self-employed professionals can take out the service initially at over 200 branches of CaixaBank in Barcelona, at the website of Comercia Global Payments and very soon through the entire branch network of CaixaBank.


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