Wooshping NFC Tags – music to Nokia users ears.

nokia music

Nokia Music partnered with Sony Music Entertainment and New York’s Webster Hall to deliver interactive music using NFC and QR technology last month. The tech was installed on multiple posters, displays and stickers throughout the venue enabling music fans to take home a free musical souvenir of the event.

All audiences had to do was tap the NFC tag or scan a QR code to get instant access to custom made mixes. The Webster Hall playlists was provided exclusively by Sony Music and refreshed on a weekly basis. Nokia Lumia owners also got access to mixes prepared exclusively by the US Nokia Music team.

Wooshping, the UK-based NFC specialist, partnered with Nokia Music to support the NFC/QR code initiative. With a pre-agreed content schedule, and making use of the Wooshping Cloud-based management capability, the playlists were updated on a weekly basis without the need to swap out collateral at the venue. With different playlists selected for the Rock room and the EDM room, the music was tailored towards specific interests of the gig goers too, to make sure that everyone was delighted by the experience.


Rupert Englander, Founder and Managing Director of Wooshping said, “We were delighted to work with Nokia and Sony Music to bring this mobile engagement campaign to life in Webster Hall. Content promotion through mobile engagement capabilities like NFC and QR codes, driving spontaneous content consumption by consumers, is becoming an increasingly popular way for content owners and brands to deliver rich and engaging take-away experiences.”

“When we showcased NFC to the music industry earlier this year it got a fantastic response,” says Mike Bebel, head of music product at Nokia. “The idea of using posters or point of sale as distribution or discovery points for music really seemed to get people excited, there are so many possibilities.”


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