Is this 4mm Bluetooth card with NFC and senors the new secure element for a digital lifestyle?

nio Card is a slim card which upgrades your smartphone and wallet with NFC and high-tech sensors. When your smartphone and nio Card are in range of each other, you unlock a growing range of exclusive nio apps which keep your digital life secure and your personal possessions safe.

It connects via a simple bluetooth connection. And at a thin 4mm, you can easily slot it into your wallet, purse, bag, or stick it to anything you want – nio Card, say the makers, will keep it safe and close.

When the nio Card and your smartphone are within range of each other, you’ll also gain a bunch of exclusive nio apps that will “keep your digital life secure and your personal possessions safe.”

The nio Card is only 4mm thick, and connects through Bluetooth for the utmost simplicity. This means that the nio Card will fit anywhere, your pocket, wallet, bag, and more. You can store your banking details, passwords, and more through the nio Safe app, which can only be accessed, and opened by you, or your nio Card. Better yet, nio can even offer up dual-factor authentication for super, business-class security and with 2GB of USB storage built-in, meaning you can keep some of your personal data on the built-in storage.

Bluenio require £35,000, and at the time of writing they had hit £10, 675 so click here, pledge and help them hit their goal!



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