XRomb’s Mobile Payment Platform launches at lunch.

XrombTwo restaurants have selected the FastTouch™ mobile wallet from XRomb to enable mobile payments and bring rich commerce apps to their smartphone-enabled customers. The Shore Grill & Grotto in Mississauga and Celadon House in Oakville have launched the XRomb Mobile Payment Platform and “FastTouch” Mobile Wallet, allowing customers to pay for their meals using their mobile phone.

The XRomb Mobile Payment Platform allows merchants to deliver mobile commerce to customers, while also enabling banks and card issuers to extend card credentials to mobile customers using tokenization and secure elements which are required for mobile phone commerce. Its FastTouch Mobile Wallet enables the addition of Near Field Communication (NFC) payments, Cloud Payments, and Loyalty Programs to be delivered to customers on all major smartphone platforms

“XRomb is delighted to work with Shore and Celadon to provide an end-to-end solution that delivers a secure and convenient mobile payment experience,” said Valdis Martinsons, CEO of XRomb.By enabling banks and other card issuers to extend their reach through smartphones, our XRomb Mobile Payment Platform, in combination with our FastTouch Mobile Wallet, delivers a single source payment and marketing solution to merchants.”

XRomb’s Mobile Payment Platform allows Celadon and Shore customers to use a secure cloud payment at checkout. Included in the FastTouch Mobile Wallet are loyalty and coupon modules that allow Shore and Celadon to increase customer retention and enable tactical marketing campaigns to bring customers to the restaurants during non-peak times.

“XRomb’s Mobile Payment Platform provides a highly secure, flexible platform that allows our customers to experience innovative mobile-payment features,” says Cam & Maureen O’Neil, (Owners, Shore Restaurant). “Having the FastTouch mobile wallet fully integrated with the XRomb mobile payment platform made this an easy decision. Our business is simple; we needed a simple solution that demonstrated that we’re innovative and that we care about delivering a great experience to our customers. XRomb’s fully integrated offering provided us with the solution we needed to stay a step ahead of our competitors.”

“During the testing phase we processed approximately 100 transactions over several months and are extremely happy with the XRomb mobile payment solution. We love the level of service, simple payment transaction flow and the security of this solution, but most of all, we’re thrilled with the excellent customer feedback we’ve been receiving,” said Glenson & Mimi Ong, Owners, Celadon Restaurant.

For more information, visit http://www.xromb.com.


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