Wooshping and Nokia release a 21st century Appvent Calendar

appy XmasIt’s that time of year and advent is well and truly upon us. But what to do if you are not particularly charmed by those boring, old-fashioned advent calendars? Fear not, because those clever people at Nokia, in association with those equally clever people at Wooshping have a solution, which turns those calendars of yesteryear into the calendars of tomorrow

Wooshping has teamed up with Nokia to provide interactive calendars in mobile phone stores across the UK. Customers can tap the calendars in the run up to Christmas – automatically opening up a different fun app every day to enjoy. Speaking about the unique campaign, Carly Wyatt, Nokia UK App’s Marketing Manager said “This is a really innovative and successful concept that will bring some Christmas cheer to mobile customers and staff up and down the country. We really value our relationship with Wooshping and the great ideas and support they give us.”

The calendars are an example of how NFC (near field communication) technology can allow instant engagement between businesses, brands and mobile phone users. The Smart Advent Calendar is the latest in a long line of successful innovations created, sourced and managed by Wooshping and backed up by its Instant Platform – that provides a real time suite of engagement and reporting tools. Along with many other things, the Instant Platform allows Nokia to add new gift apps every day.

Rupert Englander, Founder and Managing Director of Wooshping added, “We are delighted to be working with Nokia UK again to bring this groundbreaking idea to life – and to help so many people get into the Christmas spirit. This just shows how fun, instant, simple and powerful mobile engagement can be. Wooshping is at the forefront of a mobile revolution that is changing the way businesses and customers interact forever – in an instant over their mobile phones.”

Roll on the the rest of ‘Appvent…

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