Wooshping provides access to ‘Unframed’ art audio

JR CampaignWooshping has teamed up with Antenna to provide instant access to audio commentaries for the JR “Unframed” campaign in Baden Baden which launches on the 1st March, for 4 months.

The French street artist JR is one of the most innovative representatives of international, contemporary art. He lives and works in Paris, concealing his true identity. His oversized black and white portrait photos placed as monumental posters on houses, stairs and walls provide a profound commentary on freedom, identity and the limitations of the human condition. His previous works include 28 Millimetres, Portraits of a Generation, Face2Face, Women are Heroes, Wrinkles of the City and his Inside Out Project. The Frieder Burda museum in Baden Baden has launched a major show presenting a wide range of subjects which reflect the diversity of the artists’ work.

“Unframed” is a collection of 6 of JR’s photos which have been pasted in various locations outside of the museum, around Baden Baden itself. People will able to instantly access audio commentaries that support the project through a simple tap or scan of their phone, through NFC or QR codes, provided by Wooshpings’ Instant platform. Commenting on the project, Rupert Englander, Managing Director of Wooshping said, “We were delighted to be asked by Antenna International to help democratise access to the arts through this project. Every modern smartphone user is capable of interacting with these 6 sites, and for the artist’ work ,and the background of that work, to be shared and understood.”

Wooshping developed the QR code and NFC interactive elements and the site landing pages that link through to the Antenna produced commentary that is provided in both French and German. “We are excited to support the Museum Frieder Burda in building a compelling experience around a globally renowned artist – keeping street art true to its roots and in a way which places it in its original, authentic context by taking the experience outside the walls of the museum, reaching a wider audience. But at the same time, thanks to the intuitive interface, connect on a very personal level,” added Niels de Jong, head of Business Development for Antenna.

The exhibition runs from 1st March until the 29th June 2014 in the Frieder Burda Museum, Baden Baden.

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