Wooshping launches fan engagement with Portsmouth FC at Fratton Park

prtsmouth_tagsIn late breaking sports news it’s Wooshping 1…  and I have no idea how to finish this sports metaphor. Anyhow, news just in is that Wooshping has teamed up with Portsmouth FC to offer fans the opportunity to enter an exclusive Man of the Match competition.

In what is thought to be the first of its kind campaign, fans can enter the competition, by tapping or scanning the sticker on the seat in front of them with their mobile phone. The stickers incorporate both NFC tags and QR codes.

Colin Farmery club spokesman at Portsmouth FC said, “This is an exciting initiative for the club which reflects our willingness to be at the cutting edge of fan engagement. Wooshping have come up with a great concept with high-quality back-up materials. We are sure the trial will be a success and we are extremely interested in the possibilities this system could give us in the future.”

portsmouth 2Stewards will be handing out leaflets at the beginning of the game to the fans so that they can fully understand the purpose of the stickers. By interacting with the stickers fans get the opportunity to win a signed club calendar if their choice of Man of the Match matches the clubs and thereby entitling them to be entered into a prize draw for the signed calendar.

Speaking of the launch of the campaign, which kicks-off at Pompey’s home game against Cheltenham, this Saturday 8th March, Rupert Englander, Managing Director of Wooshping commented, “We are delighted to have teamed up with such a positive and forward thinking club as Portsmouth FC. By offering the fans the ability to engage with the club, whilst they sit in the stadium supporting their team, it is the perfect mix of opportunity and placement to open that dialogue and really drive a new level of fan engagement. Whilst we are kicking off the campaign with a Man of the Match competition, the Wooshping INSTANT platform provides scope to introduce all manner of engagement from latest breaking club news, through to retail and ticketing offers as per the clubs wishes”.

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