Proxama and Dot Origin link NFC to digital signage

digital signageProxama® PLC, the global platform provider of mobile proximity marketing, mobile wallet and payment solutions, and Dot Origin, the specialist distributor and developer of Near Field Communication (NFC) tags, devices and solutions, have partnered to deliver a digital signage solution that links NFC tags to dynamic video content for advertisers and media site owners. In future releases the solution will be upgraded to be Bluetooth Beacon capable.  

The DTAG100 from Dot Origin is supported by Proxama’s TapPoint® platform and opens up new options for interactivity and data capture for digital signage platforms. The low cost DTAG100 tag module can be installed and integrated easily into any digital signage enclosure in areas such as retail stores, airports, train stations and shopping centres, without the need for additional software. “Our DTAG100 product, when combined with Proxama’s TapPoint® management platform and extensive expertise in this area, provides a perfect solution for NFC-enabling digital signage to make it truly interactive and easy to maintain. We have worked on many NFC projects over the past few years, and it is clear that this technology can radically improve the effectiveness of in-store and outdoor advertising and marketing, as long as everything is properly joined up,” said Dan Isaaman, joint founder and CEO of Dot Origin.

The fact that adverts regularly change on digital signage has made it difficult to direct consumers’ phones towards a particular advertiser’s website or mobile application, but the DTAG100 solves this. It enables the NFC tag to be easily and automatically updated via USB, which makes it possible to dynamically change the mobile web destination and user experience at any time. Neil GarnerCEO and founder of Proxama, commented, “This is an exciting opportunity for media owners. By integrating with Dot Origin’s specially designed hardware we are now enabling dynamic NFC engagement for digital signage. With TapPoint®, brands can change the mobile ads shown depending on the profile of individual, location and currently displayed screen content. In addition, brands and media owners will be able tailor their screen content to optimise engagement through their ability to measure who, when, where and how consumers are engaging.

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    I think digital signage has become an integral part of public and private environments and it has helped a lot of businesses and retailers gain attention. It’s an amazing technology.

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    I very rarely discuss these items, but I thought this
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