Get your five-a-day from Wooshping

total_ProduceTotal Produce and Wooshping have launched some interactive fruit stands so that shoppers looking for some of their five a day are now able to use new fruit displays to get fun, engaging and educational content instantly on their mobile phones with a simple tap or scan of their smartphone, through the use of NFC and QR codes.

This unique concept is the result of a partnership between Wooshping, market leaders in mobile engagement, and Total Produce, one of the world’s largest providers of fresh fruit to supermarkets and retailers. “Interactive fruit displays are a major step forward for the fruit industry, for fruit retailers and for Total Produce. We are delighted we are working with Wooshping who have been instrumental in helping us with our successful mobile engagement strategy and we are proud to provide both fresh fruit and fresh ideas to shops and shoppers,” said Vincent Dolan, Marketing Manager for TotalProduce.

Shoppers get instant in-store access to a series of videos, recipes, interactive games and a wealth of ongoing content to help them appreciate the benefits of different fruits and a healthy and balanced diet. Content will be automatically updated so that shoppers see fresh and interesting information and are keep up to date with fruits in season. “This partnership with Total Produce shows how real time mobile engagement can transform any shopping experience – making it fun and informative and bringing major benefits to customers and retailers alike,” said  Rupert Englander, Managing Director of Wooshping. “We are delighted and proud to be working with such a major and innovative business as Total Produce,” he added.

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