Thanks to Tapit & VeriFone you could win a holiday while riding in a London cab

Celebrity CruisesPeople travelling in some of London’s black cabs can now use their smartphone to enter a competition to win a luxury holiday thanks to a new innovative collaboration between Tapit, VeriFone and Celebrity Cruises.

The Celebrity Cruises campaign, a joint initiative between Tapit, VeriFone and Celebrity Cruises, deployed contactless communications (NFC tags and QR codes) inside 600 branded cabs across London, planned and bought by AMS Media Group and Talon Outdoor. People can simply enter the draw via tapping or scanning their smartphone within the cab to win a luxury holiday.

Tapit are deploying the contactless infrastructure items including NFC tags, QR codes & Beacons that streamline how global companies deliver content to smartphone users within physical environments.”Our mission is to evolve how global brands communicate with smartphone users,” said Ben Wagner, Commercial Director at Tapit. “Through our pioneering collaboration with Celebrity Cruises and VeriFone, Tapit are showcasing how contactless communications is providing a new way to engage smartphone users which is fast, convenient and secure.”

Over 50 major organisations have deployed Tapit contactless technology to engage with people across Outdoor Media and within Retail, including Google, Coca-Cola, Nike, Johnson & Johnson, Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, Xbox, Virgin Mobile, Visa, and Vodafone. Most recently Tapit announced it has joined forces with Red Bull to connect bus and train commuters to exciting new content using contactless technology. “We see Tapit as very similar to Google when it comes to data and measurement,” said Wagner. “Google analyse how people are interacting with a client’s website assets whereas Tapit analyse how people are interacting with their physical assets. That’s quite a new and powerful proposition for brands,” said Wagner.

The Celebrity Cruises campaign is Tapit’s most successful UK campaign to date with 47% of interactions conducted using NFC, this climbs to 68% when used coupled with VeriFone’s Taxi TV. “We are delighted to see the high number of competition entries via the Tapit platform. Technology is at the heart of Celebrity Cruises’ onboard experience from ordering your dinner on iPads at a restaurant to being the only licensed Apple retailer at sea, said Toby Shaw, Director of Marketing & PR for Celebrity Cruises. ” Tech-savvy consumers choosing to interact with Celebrity Cruises as they travel across London is a positive reinforcement that our brand resonates with the capital’s early-adopters.”

Daemon Brown, Sales & Marketing Director VeriFone Taxi & Media Solutions, explains why the synergy between Celebrity Cruises, Tapit and VeriFone works so well: “We wanted to capitalise on the high dwell time that Taxi media offers, as well as a passengers desire to interact with compelling content — who wouldn’t want to win a luxury cruise. Tapit makes this interaction simple and convenient for people. When combined with VeriFone Taxi TV to drive engagement it makes it a winning combination.”

Following the success of the Celebrity Cruises campaign, VeriFone and Tapit plan to deploy further contactless communications projects with brands across 2014.

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