“Dynamic NFC Tag” lands latest bluetooth audio-module reference design

AiohaSTMicroelectronics has announced that Airoha Technology, a leading fabless design company for wireless communication products, has selected ST’s latest family of “dynamic NFC tag” memories for its Bluetooth audio modules.

ST’s M24SR is the key component for Bluetooth pairing and parameter storage on Airoha’s AB1510/AB1511 optimized single-chip solution with integrated baseband and radio for stereo and mono-A2DP headset and speaker applications. Instead of the cumbersome device connection setup, users can now simply start streaming dynamic sounds from NFC-enabled smartphones or tablets with a single tap. “The 64K EEPROM in ST’s M24SR eliminates the need for external EEPROM, reduces the overall module size as well as the development time. The MCU embedded in the new AB1510/AB1511 works well with ST’s dynamic NFC tags directly, resulting in fast and easy production, “ said Dr. David Chang, President and CEO of Airoha Technology. “Our new audio solutions based on ST’s dynamic NFC tag memories have already been adopted by many Tier-1 headset and speaker manufacturers.”

AB1510/AB1511 complies with Bluetooth version 4.1. It contains a powerful 48MIPS dual-MAC DSP coprocessor for enhanced audio and DSP applications. The built-in noise reduction and echo cancellation greatly enhance the sound quality in voice applications. The line-input support is used for either wired headsets or speakers. Advanced multipoint supports HFP (Hands Free Profile) connection to two handsets for voice or two audio sources for music playback. The AB1510/AB1511’s flexible software architecture enables a wide range of customization in areas such as voice prompt, LED light, key strokes, ring tones, timers, and voice and audio equalization.

“With the increasing demand for NFC in Bluetooth speaker designs, ST’s “dynamic NFC tag” memories make it extremely easy for users to pair an NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet with portable speakers to instantly stream high-quality music via Bluetooth,” said Arnaud Julienne, Senior Director of MMS, Greater China and South Asia Region, STMicroelectronics. “The cooperation with Airoha has produced the world’s first Bluetooth module that takes advantages of our new dynamic NFC tags.”

The M24SR series provides an NFC Forum Tag Type 4 RF interface and supports the NFC data exchange format (NDEF). This enables NFC use cases such as simple Bluetooth pairing and other connection handovers, automatic links to URLs, storage of Vcard, and other types of information. ST’s NFC memories can be used in a wide variety of applications, including consumer electronics, computer peripherals, home appliances, industrial automation, and healthcare products.


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