LEGIC to debut IDConnect at Security Essen 2014

Legic Essen 2014LEGIC has announced that they will be showcasing their new trusted service called IDConnect at the Security 2014 trade show in Essens (23 – 26 September 2014). The company say that with IDConnect, contactless chip-card applications can be safely and easily transferred to mobile phones. In addition to a trusted service manager hub, which guarantees the connection with the mobile network operators, IDConnect will also offers a range of software components, enabling NFC and BLE interactions for daily business projects.

The show will mark the official date of the market launch of LEGIC IDConnect , that will allow everyone to use smartphones with any LEGIC advant and NXP mifare application. However, the immediate usage that LEGIC see for IDConnect will be in the field of Mobile ID. “Mobile ID isn’t just the start of a new trend, but a new era in the security sector. The advantages of an immediate assigning of rights on mobile phones are highly convincing: a visitor doesn’t have to wait for his guest badge to get a coffee at a vending machine. Operators save costs and enhance convenience by reducing their ID-issuing processes. But Mobile ID doesn’t just convince from a technical point of view. End customers also enjoy the advantage of consistently having all of their cards available on their mobile phone,” said the company in their press release.

LEGIC admit that the idea of being able to do everything with a mobile phone that you can also do with a contactless chip-card isn’t new in itself. What is new, stressed the company, is a single service assuming all activities: the authentication, data processing and communication between the back-end system and mobile network operator are all ensured by IDConnect. The company points out that the advant on mobile applet from LEGIC is also stored on the secure element of the mobile device and so LEGIC can take on the role of a ‘service provider trusted service manager’ (SP TSM), which is connected with the root TSM of a mobile network operator.

With its API technology, LEGIC IDConnect can be integrated in all back-end systems; access control systems, hotel property management systems or biometric systems. LEGIC claim their IDConnect service is the most straightforward and lowest-cost way of securely bringing smart cards onto mobile phones.

Later this autumn in Switzerland, LEGIC IDConnect will offer application providers and integrators the possibility to bring their contactless chip cards, e.g. company badges or mobility cards, onto smartphones within the Tapit wallet application provided by Swisscom, Orange and Sunrise. It may not sound much but if this does happen then Switzerland can lay claim to being the first country worldwide, where a common NFC based platform is supported by all of the country’s Mobile Network Operators. With IDConnect, thousands of applications will then have immediate access to it.

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