Coppafeel! for a breast cancer reminder check

CoppafeelCoppaFeel!, the inspirational charity whose mission is to stamp out the late detection of breast cancer, has teamed up with leading mobile engagement specialists Wooshping to provide an important service that will help save young women’s lives.

Women can now tap their phone on interactive CoppaFeel! branded wristbands to sign up instantly to the text reminder service to get them to check their breasts regularly for signs of cancer. By tapping on the wristband a text message on the users phone is automatically generated, populating not only the shortcode number, but also the keyword required to sign up to the reminder service. All the person then has to do is hit send. It couldn’t be simpler.

CoppaFeel!!’s Kris Hallenga, founded the charity when she discovered she had advanced breast cancer at the age of just 23. Her mission, story and passion has helped thousands of young women already. The new interactive wristbands will help thousands more women to be alert to the dangers and signs of breast cancer.

The interactive wristbands will be distributed across CoppaFeel!’s ‘University Boob’ Teams – covering 60 universities up and down the UK, and the statistics available to CoppaFeel! will help them understand the effectiveness and impact of the Uni Boob Teams across the country.

CoppaFeel! UBT Campaign Manager, Sarah Magee says, “CoppaFeel! is very proud of our Uni Boob Team campaign, which sees student volunteers represent the charity on campuses nationwide. Thanks to Wooshping our student teams will be able to offer a fun tech interaction to engage fellow students with our health awareness.”

This is the first time in the UK that the interactive wristbands have been used in this way by an important charity to register people by text to receive crucial and timely text messages that can change lives.

Wooshping is transforming the charity industry and the mobile engagement and giving sectors through its unique interactive wristbands. Wooshping now works with more than 10 major charities including Bliss, Hft, Pancreatic Cancer Research Foundation and NCCA UK to provide important, creative and innovative solutions to reach out to the smart phone generation.

Rupert Englander, Managing Director of Wooshping, said, “Wooshping is proud to be working with CoppaFeel! Together our unique and innovate interactive wrist bands will help save lives and make sure that young women in universities up and down the country are reminded to start the habit of lifetime.”


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