L’Oréal, Altavia, Connecthings deploy in-store interactive marketing campaign at national scale – because you’re worth it…

lorealL’Oréal Professional, Altavia and Connecthings conducted the first interactive poster campaign in Italy at national scale. In conjunction with an online campaign promoting the Inoa hair color brand, hair salons across Italy were offered to install an interactive sticker on their shop window. After two month of installation, the posters have shown a great success, accounting for 52% of the connections to the online campaign.

For this digital campaign, L’Oréal partnered with Altavia and Connecthings to create appealing signs for hair salons. The posters incited users to scan the QR code or simply tap the NFC tag to find the right color for them. “Our customer has been fully satisfied with the campaign which allowed them to be visible to their end-user where they wanted to interact, whether in store or on line” says Maurizio Sibaud, Digital Development Planner at Altavia. “The platform of Connecthings is the perfect tool, enabling us to monitor interaction for each location individually. This unprecedented capability for posters open a lot of opportunities to improve out-of-home communication”

Connecthings AdTag™ platform powered the interactions points leading to the mobile service which offered the interactive color discovery questionnaire as well as tutorial videos or links to L’Oréal Pinterest page and Facebook app. In parallel, the campaign was promoted on L’Oréal Professional Facebook page and website. “We should not forget that physical retail stores remain a major market and by using the right digital tools to connect shops, we can get the best of the two worlds”, says Clémence Barret, Business Developer Italy at Connecthings. NFC accounted for 24% of the connections on the displays, “a figure that highlights the appetite of the Italian market for out-of-home interactive marketing campaigns”

So far, the campaign has been activated on more than 100 locations and will continue for a couple of months.

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