Ready for Apple Pay UK? Mobile payments are nothing new for Nayax

nayaxBy Lewis Zimbler, Operations Director, Nayax (UK) Ltd.

Everyone is excited about the launch of Apple Pay in the UK, and Nayax is right there with you.  Nayax has been supporting Apple Pay in the US since its launch in 2014 and looks forward to see more consumers experience the benefits in the UK.  Now on the other side of the Atlantic, Nayax is ready to go, with its card readers already NFC enabled and ready to accept mobile payments via Apple Pay. 

But Apple Pay isn’t the first or only mobile payment method that Nayax cashless payment systems support.  The Nayax VPOS all-in-one contact, contactless and swipe card readers are all NFC enabled, and support mobile payments such as android wallet and google wallet, as well as the Nayax mobile payment app, Monyx. The Monyx app for iOS and android devices simply lets its users pay with their phone at vending machines, get credits, participate in loyalty programs, and also receive refunds when something is not vended correctly.

While mobile payments are similar to credit and debit card payments, they can further streamline the process and increase the speed at which a consumer can make a purchase and keep going.  No need to search for the correct change or card through your overstuffed wallet.  Your phone is already in your hand, so now you can just hold it up and be on your way.

To make a purchase with Apple Pay at a Nayax equipped vending machine or other unattended automatic machine, just hold up your iPhone 6 or 6 plus, Apple Watch, or enabled iPad. It really is that easy, and vending has never been faster, simpler, or more secure.

Nayax is the UK Market leader in cashless technology for the vending and unattended markets, a significant accomplishment given that more than 60% of transactions in the UK are with Debit Cards. With the upcoming launch of Apple Pay in the UK, Nayax is pleased to be on board and able to offer UK consumers this new payment method.

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