OSPT Alliance to drive Multi-Application Services, attracts new partner, Setransp

OSPT_ReleaseOSPT™ Alliance, the international association which provides an open standard for secure transit fare collection solutions, has welcomed Setransp, a union of public transport operators based in the Brazilian city of Goiania, as an Associate Member. Setransp is to evaluate a migration from its Sitpass AFC system to the CIPURSE™ open standard

Setransp is responsible for transit fare collection for the city’s network service known as the Rede Metropolitana de Transporte Coletivo (RMTC). Its pioneering Sitpass automated fare collection (AFC) system has been in operation since 1998 and is now active in 1,400 buses across the region and has 1.1 million users.

The body is currently evaluating a migration to the CIPURSE™ standard, to facilitate integration between public transport and wider digital ecosystems, such as fare collection and payment; payment and loyalty; fare collection and security; and many others. The CIPURSE open standard, developed by OSPT Alliance, offers an advanced foundation for establishing these kinds of interoperable fare collection systems.

“Setransp recognizes the importance of an open and flexible standard to drive the development and adoption of innovative AFC technologies, applications and services,” comments Edmundo Pinheiro, President of Setransp. “As such, our immediate priority is to enhance our service offering by evaluating open alternatives to our current Sitpass AFC system.

“We believe that the CIPURSE standard provides a strong platform that will enable us to provide secure and interoperable multi-application services to passengers and transport operators in the city.”

Laurent Cremer, Executive Director, OSPT Alliance, added, “As the first organization in the Latin American (LATAM) region to install a contactless fare collection system for bus transport, Setransp is a body of considerable experience and ambition. We are delighted with the growing support from public transport operators in Brazil and the wider LATAM region and look forward to working with Setransp on this exciting project.”

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