Gemalto payment HSM now supporting cloud tokenization requirements

INSIDE_SecureElementGemalto has announced that its SafeNet Luna EFT​ (Electronic Funds Transfer) Payment HSM (Hardware Security Module) supports new standards from the major credit card networks for secure implementations of contactless payments via mobile phones. The SafeNet Lun​a EFT device is able to deliver on highly secure cloud tokenization requirements in order to protect the processing of payment transactions and digitization of credit card credentials.

With a growing popularity of mobile payments and the emergence of technology such as Host Card Emulation (HCE), new software-based standards have been developed by major payment players to digitize card credentials and enable secure, device-based payment transactions. Banks, card issuers and payment service providers can now deploy the SafeNet Luna EFT Payment HSM and offer customers contactless payment applications that are compliant with these specifications. The SafeNet Luna EFT Payment HSM plays a central role in protecting payment data by managing the entire cryptographic process that secures the enrollment, provisioning, and tokenization of payment card credentials and payment operations.

“The convenience of paying with a mobile device is becoming clearer for consumers as more products hit the market,” said James Wester, Research Director for IDC Financial Insights. “Although previous strategies to provision cards into these devices have presented challenges for card issuers, merchants and payment vendors, many of these challenges can be avoided by storing payment data in the cloud with host card emulation (HCE). By adding tokenization to HCE, every stakeholder has confidence that mobile payments are not only convenient but also a very secure form of electronic payment method.”

The SafeNet Luna EFT adheres to the highest level of data protection in the industry, providing FIPS 140-2 Level 3 security and meeting the PCI-HSM 2.0 standard for physical and logical protection to cryptographic keys which are used to secure financial transactions. Furthermore, it features a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that simplifies the process of configuring and managing cryptographic and key component settings.

“Given the disruptive nature of being able to use your phone to pay for goods and services, it’s important that we recognize the role that security will play in making it a reality,” said Todd Moore, Vice President Data Encryption at Gemalto. “For any bank or service provider that wants to offer cloud-based payments they must deploy an HSM, and our SafeNet Luna EFT Payments HSM is certified to deliver the specific functionality required by major payment players.”

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