Bell ID; TSP platform choice ‘key to maximizing the value of Tokenization’

BellID-ebook2In response to the increasing number of banks and service providers looking to become their own token service provider (TSP), mobile payments specialist Bell ID has published a new eBook exploring how the value and efficacy of independent tokenization activity can be maximized through their selection of TSP platform.  

By offering five ‘key takeaways’, the free to download eBook offers banks and service providers a starting framework through which they can evaluate today’s growing range of platforms.

André Stoorvogel, Head of Marketing at Bell ID, commented, “With tokenization now firmly established in the mobile payments ecosystem, many banks and service providers are busy evaluating how they can engage with the tokenization process in the most unconstrained, cost effective and efficient manner. The case for a bank or service provider becoming its own TSP is compelling, but as the market heats up, the growing range of potential partners and solutions is making the job of finding the right one more and more difficult. In a bid to help simplify and streamline the process, we have identified five ‘must have’ features that today’s TSP platforms should be capable of demonstrating.”

Five key features of a TSP explores issues such as;

  • Transaction management
  • Compliancy of certifications
  • Hosted vs. in-house
  • Implement with different form factors
  • Scalable and flexible

“With the right platform,” Stoorvogel continues, “banks and service providers have an opportunity to avoid interchange and tokenization fees, increase security, reduce time-to-market and establish a competitive edge, all while keeping their options open for the future. To maximize value, it is imperative that the TSP solution provides both the flexibility to meet a bank’s changing requirements, and the functionality to deliver a seamless and secure experience to the end-user.”

You can download 5 Key Features to Look for in a Token Service Provider Solution here


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