ASK and DigiMobee are creating a partnership to complete MobeePASS

digimobeeASK, a company designing secure “contactless” solutions for the Identity and Transport applications, and DigiMobee, a mobility solutions and services editor, are combining engineering resources to provide a complete range of NFC(Near Field Communication) mobile ticketing solutions.

Launched in early 2015, the mobeePASS solution from DigiMobee transforms users’ smart phones into a contactless ticketing media. This solution is already in commercial operation in Nice.

The combination of ASK and DigiMobee’s resources completed the mobeePASS range through the implementation of a smart phone HCE (“Host Emulation Card”) solution. The  MobeePASS system was originally designed on a version using a physical secured element (NFC SIM or embedded secure element), because of the new HCE based solution, MobeePass now addresses a much wider market.

Christophe Peix, Director of the ASK Contactless Solutions Business Unit, said, “This new platform of services is designed for transport operators. It is tested and robust, and will provide advanced NFC solutions in a highly secure ticketing environment. With this joint solution, we are at the heart of the convergence of contactless transport ticketing, bank card and smartphone systems. ASK and DigiMobee’s objective is to simplify both regular or occasional transit system user’s experience. ”

HCE MobeePass can be downloaded on all Android NFC smartphones, regardless of the Mobile Network Operator. With optimum security, the mobile phone allows the user to easily buy and receive tickets. These virtual tickets are then validated through the phone’s NFC interface as if it were a mass transit card.

ASK and DigiMobee offer the user a complete range of contactless media: card, smartphone, ticket. For transport authorities, both companies offer complete mobile solutions, particularly suited for occasional travelers. MobeePASS is offered in SaaS mode (Software as a Service) and is based on the ASK security platform. It interfaces with all ticketing systems.

“Teaming up with ASK on security management, the MobeePASS system greatly increases its addressable market. This open and modular digital service provides Transit Operators an interoperable, scalable and robust mobile ticketing environment,” commented Dominique Descolas, CEO of DigiMobee. “This is the vision we share with the ASK team.”

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