Turkey’s Yapı Kredi puts credit cards into wallet app

YapiKrediTurkey’s leading credit card platform World is looking to digitalize the credit card experience through a new “Yapı Kredi Wallet” application, now available for iOS and Android devices.

The Yapı Kredi Wallet offers Yapı Kredi customers a variety of benefits such as displaying the closest shopping points to their location and World card campaigns at these points as well as accessing credit card information such as recent shopping transactions, limit status and points information. Mobile payments are also possible by using a smart phones with a contactless POS terminals.

Yapı Kredi Individual Banking and Card Payment Systems Executive Vice President Serkan Ulgen stated, “With our customer-oriented approach, we, at Yapı Kredi, keep developing new services that allow our customers easily and quickly make banking transactions. And we have designed Yapı Kredi Wallet application as a highly convenient application that makes users’ lives easier before and after shopping and helps them save time. Thanks to Yapı Kredi Wallet application, customers can now easily access World opportunities and many other private offers and display all close-by shopping points and brands available at these points. They can also check their limit status before and after shopping and view basic information such as their recent shopping transactions and loyalty points by using the credit card information display feature. Moreover, we enabled mobile payment through Host Card Emulation technology on Android devices. Our customers can make their payments by just tapping their Android smartphones to contactless POS terminals. I believe all these features will enable our customers to experience a much innovative credit card use.”

“Yapı Kredi is the first bank in Turkey to have ever offered a credit card. Right from the start, we have created a win-win system for consumers and for member merchants. And we have built a platform that is taken an example even by the most advanced economies. We continue to introduce many firsts and novelties in our infrastructure to keep pace with the swift change in payment systems brought along with technological advancements. We ease the lives of our customers through services and applications developed thanks to technological investments in the area,” continued Ulgen.

Yapı Kredi say they have now completed their infrastructure for digital transformation in credit cards and that Yapı Kredi Wallet application is the outcome of these efforts, Ulgen said, “We have left behind an important preparation phase for the next-decade digital transformation. Turkey’s first and leading credit card brand World will also spearhead the digital transformation in credit cards.”

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