Ingenico, Intel, to bring contactless payments to Panasonic tablets

panasonicIn a major step in the partnership between Intel and Ingenico Group, initiated in March 2015 and aimed at integrating Intel’s technology and Ingenico Group’s secure payment solutions into connected objects, contactless payments are to be introduced onto a Panasonic tablet.

Merchants, particularly those operating in the hospitality and retail sectors, says Ingenico, will benefit from the added value of mobile technology and secure contactless payment in a single device. Combining a POS solution, business applications and payment acceptance capabilities in one mobile tablet enhances both the user and customer experience.

“Panasonic’s range of fully rugged Toughpad tablets are recognised as the de facto standard for mobile workers, delivering dependable and user-friendly computing.” said Mark Thorne, Director Computer Products Solutions Europe, at Panasonic. “We recognise that the greater deployment of mobile technology to serve customers, combined with the increasing adoption of new ways to pay, including contactless card and smartphone payments; is driving the convergence of the POS and secure payment functions”. Thorne adds “Panasonic, in association with Ingenico Group is delighted to showcase our vision at the 2016 NRF Expo to support these emerging trends in the retail and hospitality sectors”.

In order to adapt to new types of consumer behaviour, increasing the number of payment acceptance solutions is becoming inevitable for retailers. A combined professional tablet with contactless payment allows retailers to process sales wherever they are in the store, while providing a safe and optimal shopping experience for their customers”, explained Michel Léger, EVP Innovation at Ingenico Group. “We believe that as a result of our collaboration with Panasonic, merchants will benefit from the latest innovations in professional tablets, PC processors and secure contactless payment solutions.”

The solution jointly developed by Ingenico Group and Panasonic will be demonstrated at the Ingenico Group and Panasonic booths at the 2016 NRF expo between 17 to 19 January, in New York.

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