Barclaycard to bring contactless payments to Android phones

Barclaycard Mobile appLast week Barclaycard started to roll out a host card emulation (HCE) based mobile payment feature to its mobile app, hoping to finish a complete implementation roll-out by the end if this week, which will prove useful for those who remain patient for Android Pay to launch in the UK.

As is the case with contactless payments in the UK, Barclaycard customer will be limited to just £30 per transaction. However, users can make high-value contactless payments of up to £100 by entering their PIN on their mobile device.

“We announced in September last year that we would be expanding the functionality of our Android mobile app to include contactless mobile payments and real-time replacement for lost or stolen cards,”said Barclaycard. “We’re excited to say that functionality started rolling out to customers this week and we expect all eligible Barclaycard holders to have the new features over the coming few days.”

In order to take advantage of contactless payments, you’ll need to have your account setup to use the mobile app, but once everything is ready to go, all that’s required is for the app to be fired up and away you go. Check out the “Contactless Mobile” menu option on the left inside the app for more details. This will allow you to configure your phone and connected payment cards.

To clarify, the update only comes into play for users with Barclaycard credit cards using the Barclaycard Android app, not the Barclays Mobile Banking app. However, until Android Pay launches in the UK, this is a great temporary solution for Barclays customers. Now if only they could help with Apple Pay…

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