No boarding pass – just an NFC implant

A gentleman by the name of Andreas Sjöström, who is the Vice President, Digital, Sogeti has had an NFC chip implanted in his hand that is supposed to help navigating an airport and boarding the plane a little easier.

In his own words, “A few weeks ago I had an NFC chip implanted into my hand, just beneath the skin. In this video I use the chip to pass through Stockholm Arlanda airport, through security, at the lounge, and finally through the gate to the aircraft. My NFC chip contains my Scandinavian Airlines EuroBonus member ID, and since the airport has NFC readers all the way from security to the gate, I can use the chip instead of ordinary boarding passes.”

He also goes on to say that, “This is just an experiment with no plans of actual public implementation. SAS has provided NFC tags to EuroBonus Gold members for a long time. The tag contains only the EuroBonus ID, in an encrypted format. Only SAS can write valid EuroBonus ID data to NFC tags. When traveling, you are always required to provide a valid ID when requested.”

At the end of the video, you can see how the actual procedure went. Viewer discretion is advised (there’s a little blood!)

PS – as always, the comments left by viewers are the best bit and Andreas delivers an excellent Q&A’s in the comments. You can visit his YouTube page here

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