SMiD Cloud looks to bring a cloud security solution to everyone

SMidA new technology startup, SMiD Cloud is looking to create innovative cybersecurity solutions that effectively ensure the security and privacy of information stored both in the cloud and locally. Their Indiegogo launching campaign SMiD Pro: The Cloud Privacy Solution for Everyone will be “live” on Monday Feb 1st. 

The product, called SMiD Pro, is a small, plug & play hardware device that deeply encrypts your cloud-bound data ensuring it remains 100% secure and confidential, round- the-clock. The company says that SMiD has been designed to be an extremely user friendly solution that complies with the strictest international data protection and privacy laws ‘because we  believe that everyone – not just big companies – should have the ability to use cloud storage with total privacy and security, every single one of us.’

SMiD connects to your LAN and automatically encrypts all data right at the source and supports the most popular cloud storage service providers. The user is the only one who holds the SMiD’s startup key – a physical key needed to activate the SMiD. It’s a completely useless device in anyone else’s hands. SMiD is an easy-to-use hardware device than ensures automatic security of your data.

SMiDCloud believes that it will be a  much better option than other sotware-based encryption solutions, which are vulnerable to ransomware. It reduces the attack surface, generates and manages unguessable encryption keys, and it’s ransomware resistant. Plus, there is no software to install or configure. All you have to do to get up and running your SMiD Pro is connect your device to your local network and set up your account through the SMiD web panel.

“Did you know that 72% of individual user’s loss of information is due to hardware failures? 3.1 million American consumers were victims of smart phone theft in 2013 and never recovered their data; 6% of all PCs suffer an episode of data loss in any given year, and 31% of PC users have lost all of their files due to events beyond their control. The fact is we can’t count on our hardware devices to safety store our information because they break, they get stolen, or we lose them. And our lifetime of photos and personal information goes with them,” writes Valle Fernández, founder and CEO at SMiD Cloud. “Fortunately, cloud storage makes sure our information stays intact – we LOVE the Cloud– but despite its advantages, 88% of cloud customers were concerned with unauthorized access to their data –we also FEAR the Cloud. To solve this problem we have been working on SMiD technology for the past two years and now we want to go further, we want to make this technology accessible to everyone with SMiD Pro.”

You can find more information from the SMiD Cloud site.

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